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Windows 7 is the most popular operating system in the computer industry. Developed by Microsoft, one can find this amazing OS on almost every PC nowadays. Having a wide variety of features like handwriting recognition, improved processors and boot performance, along with a handful of items in its Control Panel, the Windows 7 OS has been termed as the best one by above millions of PC users. According to a recent survey conducted last year, Windows 7 was the first choice for 95.6% of the PC users.

However, there are many issues, which the Windows 7 users have to face and they try to fix them by contacting the windows 7 customer service.

  • The slow speed of Windows 7 PC.
  • Windows 7 getting hanged.
  • Compatibility problems with Windows 7 PC.
  • Errors while changing the custom icons of Windows 7.
  • Errors while installing and uninstalling this OS.
  • Errors while updating the Windows 7 OS.
  • Errors while switching to the administrator mode in the Windows 7 OS.

How to install Windows 7 on MAC

For installation of Windows 7 on Mac, the users are recommended to contact the windows 7 customer service and follow the steps

  1. First, start up Mac in macOS
  2. Then make sure user have a Mac that supports the Windows version for installing
  3. Then connect a 16 GB or larger USB flash drive that can be erased and keep the flash drive connected to the Mac until Windows installation is finished
  4. Then open Boot Camp Assistant from the Utilities folder and Continue
  5. Select only the options to create a Windows install disk and then download the latest version of Windows and Continue
  6. Select the Windows installation ISO and Continue. Then Boot Camp will erase the USB flash drive and prepares it for Windows installation and when the user see "Download Support Software for Windows 7" he or she needs to close the Boot Camp Assistant window and quit
  7. Then find the Windows support software or drivers for the version of Windows and the Mac
  8. Click the link to download the software
  9. After that double-click in Finder to decompress (unzip)
  10. Select only the option to "Install Windows… or later version"
  11. Click Install and follow the onscreen prompts to repartition drive and install Windows
  12. After done, the user needs to restart the system

The users are recommended to contact the windows 7 customer service anytime while following the steps in case of any issue or difficulty faced at any point of time.

Windows 7 Customer Service Phone Number

So, the good thing is that all these issues can be effectively handled by the technical experts of the Windows 7 customer service and Support Team. The users just have to pick up their phone and dial the 24 X 7 and 365 days available window 7 customer service phone number. Moreover, the users are also provided with the tutorials for all the issues related to their Windows 7 OS. The technical professionals also provide them with the precautions they have to take while working on their PC next time. So, the process of troubleshooting your issues is not as much difficult as you think. Just contact the Windows 7 Support Team once and you will understand by yourself, what we are saying. Just dial the Windows 7 customer service phone number now and get the most reliable support.

FAQ for Windows 7
  • Do I need a product key for Windows 7?

    No do not need product key for windows 7.

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