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How do I contact Dallas Fort Worth International Airport?

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport is the foremost international airport, the fourth most crowded and occupied airport in the world by its passenger traffic, and the second most active in the United States. In addition, it is the central hub for the American, Spirit, Envoy, Southern Express, and PSA Airlines. Most airlines can be operated throughout this airport from its five terminals: A, B, C, D, and E. Also, the A, B, and C terminals can offer domestic services, Terminal D operates international flights, and Terminal E can operate international and national flights.

Having the flight with this airport but before flying, there is a requirement of some services that you want to book it. Therefore, you are searching to connect with the direct agent to acquire more information about it and confirm to book the service. Thus, to get through it, you should consider the content below thoroughly.

How to call the DFW Airport person?

A traveler can directly speak to the Dallas Airport agent by dialing the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport phone number, which you can access from the support page. Therefore, to get it and speak to the live person at the DFW airport, you must consider the below content thoroughly. For that,

  • Bear out (972) 973-3112 under the support page of the Dallas Airport page.
  • After that, call the live person on this number and wait to connect it, 
  • The number linked up with the airline person may get any inquiry that you require,
  • Get reliable assistance or answer your query by communicating with the live person of the DFW Airport agent.

How can I contact the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport?

You can directly contact the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport in many ways, so there is information on how to contact them swiftly. It would be best if you got the things below.

Address: 2400 Aviation Dr, Dallas, TX 75261

Airport Code: DFW

Phone Number: (972) 973-3112

Email: askdfw@dfwairport.com

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 619428 DFW Airport, TX 75261

Social Media: Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube.

Also, you can contact the DFW Airport support person through live chat support, which is available to you 24/7 whenever you need their help. 

Can I email the Dallas Agent?

Yes, you can email the Delta Agent at askdfw@dfwairport.com, which you can take from the airport's support page. Therefore, you may share your difficulties with the airport person at the given address to get assistance. The support person will communicate or answer your email soon.

How can I contact the DFW Airport to solve any specific queries?

Moreover, you can contact the  DFW Airport to solve any specific queries by calling them beforehand. However, Dallas Airport can offer several contact or phone number lists to speak with the agent to solve issues directly and priorly. Therefore, you may have to go through the list below to do this.

General Inquiry- (972) 973-3112

DFW Lost and Found- +1-972-973-4420

Emergency Car Service- +1-972-973-3112

DFW Airport Valet- +1-972-574-2400

Ground Transportation- +1-972-973-4060

TDD (Hearing Impaired)- +1-972-574-5555

Noise Complaint- +1-972-973-3192

Emergency/ Police- 911

Criminal Hotline- +1-972-973-3546

Non-Emergency- +1-972-973-3210

Parking office- +1-972-973-4840

TSA Customer Service- +1-469-948-1828

Thus, if you have a query regarding the services mentioned above, you can try to call the airline person on the above-given number separately and get rid of all conflicts by talking with the live customer service agent.

How can I chat with the Dallas Fort Worth Airport?

You can swiftly chat with the Dallas Fort Worth Airport by chat mode, which is available to you 24*7, and you can take a quick response from this. Therefore, to get help with this, you may continue to pursue the steps to chat with the agent:

  1. Launch the web portal of the Dallas Airport.
  2. Down the page to the chat section, and continue to speak with the agent 
  3. log into your account and choose the queries according to your difficulty 
  4. and obtain quick assistance from the airline person to sort out all issues. 

Is the Dallas Airport agent available on social media?

Yes, the Dallas Airport agent is available on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and more. However, if you search to communicate with the DFW Airport support person, share your difficulties with the live person on a social site of any platform, and if the airline person is active or online, they respond to your query quickly and try to solve all issues.

Can I file a complaint at the Dallas Airport?

Yes, you can file a complaint at the Dallas Airport through the complaint form, therefore, to do this, you have to follow the steps:

  • Go to Dallas Airport site
  • Find the support section, look for the complaint and feedback option
  • The complaint form opens, may enter all the requisite details in the form and file it 
  • After that, submit it to the airport. 


What is the DFW Airport Lost and Found department phone number?

The DFW Airport lost and found department number is +1-972-972-4420. Therefore, to contact them, you may take the number from the lost and found page of the airport and call the person on the given number. And by talking with the agent, you may share all your difficulties.

What are the Dallas Airport working hours?

The Dallas airport working hours are 24 hours. However, you can link up or connect with the DFW Airport person at any time you need their help.

How early can I go to the DFW airport?

You can go to the DFW Airport for 1 to 2 hours of flying the flight from the departure time.

When can I go for check-in bags at the Dallas Fort Worth Airport?

You can go for check-in bags at the Dallas Fort Worth Airport for 2 hours before flying.

How many terminals does the DFW airport have?

The DFW Airport has five terminals: A, B, C, D, and E.

Is there any app for DFW airport?

Yes, there is an app for DFW Airport, which you can access on Google Play store and App Store.

Is a phone waiting lot available at the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport?

Yes, the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport offers two phone lots for waiting, available for any passenger.


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