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Everything that you need to know before traveling by Asiana Airlines

Well, traveling by air is not a cheap deal for everyone as may cost in ample to some of the passengers. Hence, knowing everything about the airline is essential before booking a flight with the airline. So, for the passengers traveling by Asiana Airlines, here they will be provided with the complete details that would help them in planning their trip with the airline.

Overview of Asiana Airlines

Based in Seoul, Asiana Airlines is the second-largest airline of Korea, which is known for offering its customers with scheduled services to various destinations. The airline offers its customers with multiple services that one can avail once they book their flight ticket with the airline. Some of the common Asiana Airlines customer service include:

  • Online booking and managing service
  • Complimentary food and drinks
  • Special services are offered during long haul flights
  • Online flight status and check-in facility
  • Inflight WiFi facility and frequent flyer program
  • Customer services to resolve various queries and issues

Asiana Airlines Information

Founded: 17 February 1988

Fleet size: 85

Destinations: 90

Company slogan: 아름다운 사람들 (Korean) (Beautiful People)

Asiana Airlines Customer Service Phone Number: 1 (800) 227-4262

Asiana Official Webpage :

Further, the airline even offers its customers with various cabin classes which one can choose as per their requirements and budget. And to help you get a clear picture, here are the details about the cabin classes offered by the airline.

Check Cabin classes offered by Asiana Airlines

Keeping the comfort and budget factor of the passengers in mind, Asiana Airlines offer its customers with various cabin classes. Further, to help you get a clear idea about the services offered by the airline here are some of the basic information on the cabin classes.

1- Economy and Economy Smartium

  • For the passengers traveling by the economy, they are offered with spacious seats and inflight entertainment options.
  • Further, the passengers are served with economy class cuisine.
  • Also, the passengers are even offered with special amenities during the long haul flights.
  • Also, the passengers can opt for some paid services which include WiFi and satellite telephone services.
  • While in case of economy smartium, the services offered are a bit upgrade of the services offered in economy class.
  • Some of the additional services of the smartium class include priority boarding, access to lounges and advance assignment.

2- Business and Business Smartium

  • Further, for the passengers traveling by business or business smartium class, they are offered with bed seats with individual cubicles.
  • However, in the case of Business Smartium are offered with staggered layout seating.
  • Also, the passengers are offered with an automated control system to maximize comfort while traveling.
  • During the flight, the passengers are offered with a variety of Korean dishes, coffee, and selected international sommeliers.
  • And just like the economy, the passengers are offered with in flight entertainment facilities.

3- Business Suite

  • In this particular class, the passenger is offered with full flat-bed seats with two-door seat facility.
  • The passengers are offered with a 32-inch personal monitor where one can explore multiple entertainment options.
  • Another exciting feature of this class is the inflight lightning, making it one of the best memorable experiences. 

Now, for the passengers who are concerned about the baggage limit of the airline, here are the details about the baggage allowance of Asiana Airlines. Further, one can also contact Asiana Airlines customer service phone number to get complete information on this.

Check Baggage Allowance Policy of Asiana Airlines

  • As per the policy of the airline, the passenger is allowed to carry a maximum of 1 carry-on baggage with a maximum weight of 10 Kg in economy class.
  • However, in the case of business class, the number of carry-on baggage is set to 2 bags.
  • Further, the standard dimension for the carry-on baggage is set to 115 cm.
  • In case of checked baggage, the maximum dimension is set to 158 cm for 2 bags with a total weight of 23 Kg in the economy and 32 Kg in case of business class on U.S routes.
  • On Non-U.S routes, the passenger is allowed to carry one bag of a maximum weight of 23 Kg in economy class and 2 bags of maximum weight of 32 Kg in business class.
  • Besides, there is a separate policy for restricted items and excess baggage that one can confirm by contacting the airline.

Further, to help out the passengers who have no idea about the asiana airlines reservations or online booking process, here are the steps that one can follow. 

Asiana Airlines Reservations Steps

  • For booking Asiana Airlines flight ticket, visit the airline website or Asiana airlines reservations page.
  • Navigate to the booking section and proceed with the booking process.
  • Now, provide a departing and arrival location .
  • Further, enter a journey date with the number of people traveling.
  • Also, provide the preference for the cabin class and click on the Search option to find a suitable flight.
  • From the available flights, select one can confirm the booking by providing the passenger details.
  • Once done, make an online payment for the same and get details of the booked itinerary.

Dial Asiana Airlines Customer Service Number for Best Solutions for Travel Glitches

Further, to help out the passengers with their queries regarding booking or policies, the airline introduced Asiana Airlines customer service phone number  where one can contact the airline representative and get quick solutions as per the query and plan their trip accordingly.

FAQ for Asiana Airlines
  • What planes generally Asiana Airlines use?

    • Boeing 737, 767 and 747 jets
    • Airbus A320, A321, A330
    • A380 super jumbo jets
    • A350

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