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Google Meet application allows users to hold meetings from a distance by sharing desktops, presentations, and screen shares. It is also known as a video conference service, where users can hold meetings through group audio and video calls. If you are willing to change your name, read the information and get updated with the procedure to proceed ahead.

Can I change my name in Google Meet?

You can choose the most convenient method to change your name on Google Meet. However, it can be done through different devices and applications. The fastest and easiest way to change name on Google Meet is through the web browser. To learn the method, focus on the points below and proceed by following the instructions.

  • Head to the Google account page and log in with your valid account.

  • You will locate the vertical menu button on the left; tap on it there.

  • Select the "personal info" option from the menu bar.

  • There, click on the right-facing arrow located under the name.

  • Enter your new first and last name in the provided space.

  • Select the "save" option to finish the process.

How can you change the name on Google Meet through the Andriod mobile device?

Google Meet is an application that can be installed on mobile devices and tablets. If you want to change your name on Google Meet through your mobile devices, you can change your settings by following the points below.

  • Open your devices and head to the settings application.

  • Scroll the page beneath and select the Google option cited.

  • Click on the "Manage your Google Account" option and proceed.

  • There, select the horizontal menu bar under your profile picture.

  • Select the personal Info option and click on "Name" under the Basic Info section.

  • There, enter your new First and last name in the given space.

  • Save all the changes to bring the process to an end.

What is the process for changing the Google Meet name through the IOS gmail application?

If you are an iPhone user looking forward to changing your name on Google Meet through your iOS device's system settings, you can begin using the official Gmail application on your iPhone and iPad. To get started, focus on the points mentioned below and get help with the process.

  • Open the Gmail application on your IOS device to proceed.

  • There, click on the Menu in the top left corner.

  • Scroll the screen beneath and then select the setting option.

  • Click on the "manage your Google Account" option cited below.

  • There, select the "Personal Info" option located.

  • Click on the right-facing arrow on the right-hand side of your name.

  • Mention your new first and last name in the provided space.

  • To save all the changes, click the Done option cited and end the process.

Can I add or change the Nickname on Google?

You can surely add or change your nickname, which is Google Meet. You can change it through any of your preferred devices. To learn the method of this mode, focus on the instructions mentioned below and proceed with the next mode.

  • Go to your account page on Google and sign up with your account.

  • Click on the new row under the basic Information to locate the pencil nickname using the Nickname option.

  • Enter the nickname you want to make the nickname field.

  • To save the changes, click on the save option located beneath.

  • Click on the "Display name as" option and look beneath.

  • Select one of the display names offered and click on the save button.

How can I change my Google Meet profile picture?

You can change the profile picture on Google Meet through any of your preferred devices to add or change it according to your preferences. To begin this process to add or change your display picture, focus on the points mentioned below.

  • Go to the Google Meet page and select the Google Account icon.

  • Select the Google account option and choose "manage your Google account."

  • Select your current profile picture and click on the change option cited.

  • Choose and upload the new image and select the save as profile picture option.


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