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The leading magazine of United States of America founded by the First Lady, The Oprah Winfrey and Hearst Corporation is taking rounds on social media websites with its special coverage on women-based achievements, news and issues. The Oprah Winfrey magazine primarily covered women- based stories in its magazine. The magazine comes in both the forms as one can have its digital edition as well by just following a simple subscription process. The Oprah magazine customer service phone number is available for the services of readers and other customers for day and night.

Issues you might face!

At the service resort of The Oprah magazine, one could achieve all the possible solutions, if you're facing any such issues related to below written problems:

  • Facing difficulty in account status
  • Issues related to biling or payments
  • Issues related to renewals and subscriptions
  • Issues related to delivery and untimely delivery problems
  • Not receiving promotional offers by mails or SMSes
  • Damaged product issues
  • Help in changing account information

Contact at Oprah magazine customer service phone number!

Whether your delivery is late, or you're looking for ways to connect to The Oprah, the 24*7 viable yet reliable customer services of The Oprah is always with its customers. Any reader or customer who is seeking help or assistance, can contact directly at Oprah magazine customer service phone number. One of the free customer representatives will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Oprah Magazine Website-http://www.oprah.com/app/o-magazine.html

Oprah Magazine Customer Service Phone Number:- 1- 800-846-4020

FAQ for Oprah Magazine
  • How do I cancel Oprah Magazine?

    You may cancel it at any time by contacting customer service number.

Reviews on this Page

Julietta Johnson

29 March, 2019 Somehow I was signed up for this magazine without my permission.I DO NOT LIKE OPRAH I WANT THIS CANCELLED IMMEDIATELY AND I AM NOT INTERESTED IN ANYTHING FROM HER. ACCOUNT 2298776366 PLEASE. Email me when you have addressed this issue.

Connie cook

05 April, 2019

I contacted your subscription department via email & told you NOT to renew my subscription. This morning My bank account shows you DIDN’T follow my directives & charged me for an unwanted subscription. This is poor business practice & I want the monies returned to my account post haste ! This action by you totally justifies why I do not like O! Connie Cook

Shawn Stephen

22 June, 2019 I would like to cancel my subscription. Last few magazines were not in wrapper all torn and crumbled up.looked like it was a year old. NO THANKS! IF PEOPLE WANT TO SHARE THEY SHOULD SHARE THE COST TOO.😠

Anita Conn 1

18 November, 2019 I have been a loyal O subscriber for many years. About a year ago, my magazine stopped coming. After numerous calls to the subscription department and my local and main city post offices, I finally was told by O customer service that the delivery venue for my magazine was a door something direct. rather than the USPS. I told him to send my magazine back through the US Postal Service. I am still not getting my magazine! I have called again this morning. They told me my magazine would start coming in January. I have missed TWO of the Opeah’s Favorite Things issues and everyone in between!!! I asked to speak to a supervisor, and I have been on hold for 20 minutes. This is OUTRAGEOUS!! I love Oprah, but this is the worst customer service I’ve ever seen.

V. Gray

21 May, 2020 I am still disgusted with the entire GAYLE KING incident regarding the Lisa Leslie concerning KOBE BRYANT. I am still so hurt and annoyed with both ladies that I do not wish to have this magazine come to my address. Friendship is understood, however, my loyalties lie with Ms. Leslie, and especially, Vanessa Bryant and family! Loyalty, relevance and good conscience should prevail, which should include dignity and character. Ms. KING is devoid of all the above. Self-promoting greed are not acceptable.



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