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Udemy Phone Number – Help you for all Professional Courses or Programs

Udemy is one of the best and leading professional education provider for the employees. Its headquarter is in San Francisco, California, United States and has spread its program in more than 190 countries worldwide. It provides the training for the IT software development, Project management, Quality assurance and many other such types of programs are offered by the institute. It is the partners of the top leading institute like – Project management institute (PMI), Axelos, Exin and etc. The main is to provide the better training for the professionals in the whole world.

It is the largest e-learning network, as it offers online classroom raining to the aspirants. As the organization is dedicated towards developing the once nation in he field of IT sector. By providing the high quality and latest methodologies training materials to the seeking professionals to enhance their career and bring growth to the economy.

List of Udemy programs

As this institute offers training in various fields for the professionals. Here we will have a look of the programs :-

  • PMP Certification Training
  • ITIL Foundation Certification Training
  • Scrum Master certified Training
  • Big Data Hadoop Developer Training
  • Six Sigma Black Belt
  • Six Sigma Yellow Belt
  • Many more

And many more programs has been offered by the institute with the one virtual classroom training. To get this service you need to register to the Udemy official site or you may call to the ‘Udemy phone number’ to get more details about the programs and offers provided by them.

PMP Certification Training – Udemy offers the PMP program for the project manager from the well known and certified institute from worldwide recognition. The PMP course give the boost and thrift to the one’s career and can get more reputed job from the renowned company after the completion of program as the give the certificate also to the aspirant after clearing the exam.

ITIL Foundation Certification Training – It deals with the different stages of the IT service management. ITIL stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. It give training to manage IT services and to transform IT services. Basically here it deals with business requirements and goals.

Six Sigma – This technique allows to reduce the production time and enhance the quality of product. It provides training on how to maintain the product delivering standards. Be sure that the product should be delivered on high quality inspection and implementation

Hence to get a training and certification from Udemy no need to wonder you just need to contact to the ‘Udemy phone number’ for your registration to the interested program.

Udemy other information

Udemy Headquarters :- San Francisco, California, United States

Udemy CEO :- Dennis Yang

Udemy Phone Number :- 760-483-3694

Check Udemy Reviews through Udemy Official Website here- https://www.udemy.com

FAQ for Udemy
  • Does Udemy refund money?

    You can request a refund and get it through original payment method.

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kuldeep kumar chauhan

20 April, 2018


kuldeep kumar chauhan

23 April, 2018


Dan Uwaomah

25 March, 2019

I want to take: 1) ITIL Foundation course and take the exams. 2) How do I register for the EXAMS and How much does it cost.... I want to make sure I have the money for both the Course and the Exams. Thanks. Dan U.

Ernest E Washinton

26 March, 2019

if i owe please let me pay and move on to buy other classes


12 June, 2019 I want to join writing skill course offered by you

Shveta Tandon

24 June, 2019 I completed ur course counselling adolescence n chidren . Please let me know when I will get its certificate


15 August, 2019 Pls call, so much issue not able to check the video

J Prosper 1

03 October, 2019 I have searched for a phone number for 3 days. Wanted to refer Udemy Courses to my students. Lack of connectivity lowers trust. Please respond. Thank you

Emmanuel Nartey-Tokoli

17 October, 2019 Dear Sir, I am finding it impossible to login to Udemy on my other devices. I am able to login on my desktop computer. But not on my laptop or mobile

Himanshu Uniyal

18 October, 2019 I was purchasing a course and between the payment, by mistake I press the back button. In this process the money was deducted from my account but no course was purchased. Please help me to get the money back. Thanks

Dilsheen Kaur

18 October, 2019 I have purchased udemy course of Machine learning after purchsing of 750/-. It is still showing to purchase and no mail yet. It is been debited from my bank account. Please help me


25 October, 2019 I bought the course from our website but I didnt like the course and I need help to refund my money back

Abdul khadeer

29 October, 2019 I want to do SAP EHSM, plz provide details

Aditya Nidure 1

29 October, 2019 I have purchased udemy course of the ultimate drawing course-beginner to advanced after purchasing,money has been deducted from my account but it still showing to purchase and no mail yet that having confirmation.please reply ASAP.


31 October, 2019 Ufemy low login ayina na name pakka na roll number ravali sir (183A1D4903) Ani ravali sir


03 November, 2019 I purchased a course and payment done. But I have not received any confirmation .

Otto Mapoye

07 November, 2019 I enrol the Fully accredited professional couselling diploma course,but some modules does not want to open and also manual pdf does not want to open as well. What I must do ,so that I can start with my study?

Rosemonde Montano

07 November, 2019 I am trying desperately to pay for 2 programs Art Therapy certified program but cannot access to login.... Please email me or call me at 954 326 4058 my WhatsApp is 1868 680 4596 I call your no 760 483 3694.....no responses only leave a message.


01 December, 2019 I had paid for the scrum master product but course is not available Pls help..

Jay lulla

02 December, 2019 I have buied course payment is deducted but course is not showing what I can do..

Ntombifuthi Geraldine Sibisi

04 December, 2019 I could not register for FL studio because of ZAR currency. The bank needs the detailed iinvoice in order that it pays Udemy. Please send it through the given email.

Macdonald David

08 December, 2019 I would like to know if after completing a course online from Udemy do you get some kind of a certificate or not

Stanley Goh Yew Boon

09 December, 2019 Hi, I just completed “The Complete App Design Course - UX, UI and Design Thinking” programme in Nov 19 and wondering if I would get the e-certificate for the course. I did it offline but I did not see anything about the e-certificate in the last chapter of the course. Is it true that all courses we subscribe from Udemy, we will receive an e-certificate at the end of the course? I took up the course under the Government’s iniatives. To be exact, I’m an employee of the Singapore Ministry for Defence, Desperately need a reply. Thanks for your attention.

Aruna kumara.M 1

10 December, 2019 On 9th December I purchased Caria v5 course. By Sanjeev Kumar. The p ayment successful after that it showed error.I lost both money and I did not get course also pleased help me. My number 8197387395

Jayati Shrivastava

12 December, 2019 399 INR debited for my account as I tried purchasing a weight loss course. But there is no purchase showing in my account. Its asking me to buy again. Please help

Naresh Parmar

17 December, 2019 I paid fee for online nlp courses on 7 dec 2019. Till today no information ,

Toye Cook 3

17 December, 2019 Paid $49.99 for the skateboarding instructor class....been a couple of months and have not received the certificate as promised.

claudia treadwell

18 December, 2019 I am having trouble getting info my account to start my classes. My e-mail is different which is Claudia.treadwell1@g.mail Thanking you in advance.

Smeeta Sahay

19 December, 2019 Rs.396 debited from my account.But the course did not show up. I bought reiki level1,2 master certificate course.Please help.

Puja Singh

20 December, 2019 I registered for 3 courses on Udemy but now when I am trying to login my credentials are showing invalid. Please help me in troubleshooting the same

Cary Moore

26 December, 2019 Only one of my courses wont load. Ive tried all the tutorials and cant get passed the support firewall to contact anyone. No email no phone number nothing.


26 December, 2019 i have ordered a course of 399/- the money is debited but the product havent purchased.please help me for that

Cathy Armstrong

30 December, 2019 I ordered a longevity and wellness certification course, no tests or ways to obtain certification after course completed. Please advise. Took course for the certification. Thank you.

Varsha Choudhary

03 January, 2020 02 Jan, 2020 I registered for 2 PMP courses on Udemy but now when I am trying to login my credentials are showing invalid. There is no toll free number from India through which I can connect to support team , please let me to resolve this issue. I didn’t receive any confirmation email from Udemy & I have also tried performing forgot passport but still there is no ema coming to my email Id .


05 January, 2020 I have notified a Udemy instructor over a month about a course issue and I have not heard from the organization to date. My request and my service ticket have been closed. This organization seems irresponsible and will begin to hemorrhage customers because it ignores its users. I will not purchase another course.

Ed Irion

06 January, 2020 I wish to buy courses from you but am unable to join your site because whatever password enter it rejects my efforts. Please assist me in joining.

Ken Lawrence

06 January, 2020 A few days ago I purchased “drawing 25 cute characters in procreate “ in got the course but now when I try to purchase another course it says still processing the previous course this has been going on for over a day now. This happened last time you had a sale and cleared off after the sale was off...an can not purchase any of the courses that are on sale. Time is running out...please respond.

abolarin omolara Rashidat

07 January, 2020 Please I purchased one of your courses soap making for beginners. I was logged for 15 minutes and logged out again. I tried logging in but it says I should sign which I did but right now I can access the class. Please help. Payment has been made

abolarin omolara Rashidat

07 January, 2020 Please I purchased one of your courses soap making for beginners. I was logged for 15 minutes and logged out again. I tried logging in but it says I should sign which I did but right now I can access the class. Please help. Payment has been made

Rajendra Patel

07 January, 2020 Hello, I want to purchase your course. But how? Please call me and help for few query.

Nirmal Shetty

09 January, 2020 Hi I wanted a different course that is a to z machine learning but I selected different course Of rpa can make a switch just now only is purchased

Prannoy Bandyopadhyay

10 January, 2020 Money deducted for buying course but no confirmation mail or msg received kindly refund my money


11 January, 2020 udemy amount debited but course not purchased.

Louis Hamilton

11 January, 2020 Why can l NOT access a course l paid for. Please advise.

Ankit pandey

18 January, 2020 I purchase 3 courses but none of them are showing in my account.

Hemant waskel

20 January, 2020 I have lost my Gmail account that I use to login in into Udemy any idea how to log into my Udemy account without my Gmail pls help.


22 January, 2020 22 January 2020 i purchased one course but that course not showing in my account.

Karen Marinelli

24 January, 2020 Hello, I finished one of my courses “ Meltdowns in Autism Spectrum Disorder. The instructors name is Danielle Kelly“ on 1-23-20 and still have not received my certificate of completion. Please help.


25 January, 2020 Today noon 12 pm IST, I purchased a course called " Kafka for Beginners" on udemy app and paid 379 INR for it. The payment was successful but the course does not show in the purchase history inside my udemy account. WHERE DO I LOOK FOR MY COURSE? IT WOULD BE BETTER IF SOME BODY FROM UDEMY PLEASE PROVIDE ME A CUSTOMER CONTACT NUMBER SO THAT I CAN REACH OUT TO THEM AND GET MY QUERY. First please help me to retrive my course


26 January, 2020 Hi i bought 4 courses payment is successful and amount has been debited from my account still no course is present.please let me know whom to reached.

Himanshi rajput

26 January, 2020 24 january,2020 i have purchased udemy course of web development bootcamp after purchasing of 420/-,it is still showing to purchase and no mail yet. it is been debited from my account .please help me to get the money back.


26 January, 2020 26 January 2020 , I purchase a course for 399/- ,amount got deducted from my bank account,but the course is not there in my account. please advise.

Amit Khurana

07 February, 2020 I have signed up for couple courses and wanted to know if there’s a monthly recurring charge for the courses I have called several times and I have not been given a response please send me an email with the information that I want thank you look forward to hearing from you.

V Moni Sri Valli

10 February, 2020 I have purchased course of java in depth by dheeru munduluru after purchasing,money has been deducted from my account but it still showing to purchase and becoause of that vedio lectures are stoped previously i used to get vedio lectures .please reply ASAP.

Dineo Joseph

21 July, 2020 Kindly reach out to me, I want to enquire about training on life coaching training and certification

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