KFC Customer Service Phone Number

Call KFC Customer Service Phone Number for any Grievance

Kentucky Fried Chicken is one of the leading fast food restaurants chain in the world which is providing delicious chicken food products to the foodies such as chicken burgers, salads, French Fries, wraps, Fried Chicken etc. There are a number of other food products which you can purchase from this restaurant.

KFC Customer Service Phone Number: 1 (800) 225-5532

KFC Headquarters: Louisville, KY

KFC Founder: Colonel Sanders

KFC website:- https://www.kfc.com/

KFC has introduced a KFC customer service phone number which is useful for the ones who need a support regarding anything which is related to KFC. The individuals who like KFC for its delicious chicken recipe can have certain issues which they can clarify by calling on this number. Some of the queries they might have are related with the product quality which they can solve by calling on this phone number.

By dialing on this number one can get detailed information about the products they deal in. He can get to know about the several products which KFC deliver to customers. If you have any other grievances related with KFC, you can also fix that by calling on the customer executives. The executives satiate the customers by removing their problems as soon as possible. If they have quality issue, KFC put sincere efforts in making quality better. Some people also call KFC customer service number for getting delivery of their desired foods.

Once you call on KFC customer service phone number number, the executives manage your delivery within the stipulated time so that the customers do not have to wait for longer period. The customers can get a view of the menu online and then call on this number for the delivery of their order. You can find other important information about KFC on the website. However if you do not find the required information on the site, then you can dial on this number. Hence if you are really interested in trying high quality foods of KFC, then feel free to get informed about the company and its food by calling on KFC customer service phone number which is very easy to dial for you.

  • What is KFC Punchline ?

    Previous slogan was finger lickin good and current KFC punchline is So good .

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Sherry Smiler

13 January, 2020 Your KFC will not come back to the phone I have been on hold for 45 min.

Giltina Marshall

05 December, 2020 Yes on December 4, 2020 I had been sitting in the drive thru at our Colonel Sanders in Greensburg, In. at 6:50pm the first time that night for 20 minutes. When I get up to the intercom to order my meal which was “ $20.00 fill up extra crispy” I was told it would be 25 mins. before any would be ready. So I said ok, I left and called my husband and ask him if “Original Recipe” would do and he said that’s fine, so I went back set another 20 mins. I get up to the intercom and order $20.00 fill up “ Original Recipe” he said he didn’t have enough chicken to do that order and they were not going to cook any more chicken because they would be closing soon. Now this was at 7:30pm and they do not close until 9:00. They knew there were issues with the quantity of chicken at 7:00 I know you can’t answer this question but why didn’t the manager set someone on flouring and frying chicken. I worked in a restaurant were we fried fresh chicken pieces it takes 15 minutes to do a batch of chicken. What about the customers that were lost? BELIEVE ME THERE WERE LOTS OF THEM. Maybe on suggestion is don’t send 3 people( when I got ther the first one when I came back the second time there were still 2 outside on their break) on break at the same time when you are busy. Very Very Disappointed. Thank you Giltina Marshall

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