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Apple is one of the famous and leading companies, all across the world, that provides a plenty number of products and services, Some of the products are iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, Laptop, Tablet, and other. Apple is the biggest brand name that provides different types of products and services.Apple mail application is one the excellent and convenient service provided by Apple that resolves all the Apple email problems of features up gradation which is generally faced by the users when they use other email applications. The users can very easily create an Apple account, as Apple ID is very useful to use for everything which users do with Apple, like purchasing the iTunes Store, logging into a iCloud account, purchasing an app, and much more. Also, users can acquire Apple mail customer service for resolve the worrisome situations when face with an Apple account using time. A team of experienced and certified technical experts can provide solutions for every kind of Apple account technical difficulties or queries with the best possible solutions.If you want to enquire about the mail application then you should contact on the Applecare phone number.

Some of the Apple Issues Are:-

1- Apple account setup on Mac, iPhone, and iPod, and others

2- Hacked and blocked Apple account

3- Change or Reset password

4- Apple account setting issue and so on

There are different issues which has been resolved by the Apple support in which some of them are mentioned here-

How to change Apple email password?

  • Start your Apple mail
  • Go and select the mail menu and then select the option of "Preferences"
  • Go and select the option of "Accounts"
  • Click on the option of your account and do the updation of your password in the password field
  • Save the password you have changed
  • Now you can type your new password and "Sign In" your account

How to create Apple email account?

  • Apple email account is referred as iCloud email account
  • Go in the "Settings" of your ios device
  • Turn on your icon of Apple mail and follow the given instruction
  • For MAC you will first go in the "Settings" then select the option of "System Preferences"
  • Select the option of "Apple account"
  • Select the mail and then follow the instruction
  • Now you can "Sign In" with your account by putting the email address in the space provided

If you problems not get resolved by following the given instruction then you can immediately contact with Apple mail customer service team that are highly experienced and advanced for resolving all your major issues which always create hassles for you and restricts you from using Apple mail service in most effectual manner.

How to Recover Apple ID Password?

If any users are having a problem in login into their Apple ID account by using the password or password not working, then they can use the below given steps to recover password and regain access to their Apple account.

  • First, open any browser on your mobile device.
  • Then type this link into your address bar
  • Tap on “Apple ID” field, where you have to enter your Apple ID that you want to recover.
  • Touch on “Next”.
  • Next, you will see two options,“ Reset by Email” and “Answer Security Questions”.
  • Then you have to choose one option to get recovery details. Then tap on “Reset by Email”, make sure your recovery email address is working
  • currently, where you will get reset instructions by Apple.
  • Follow the reset instructions or fill the answer of the Security Questions that associated with Apple account.
  • After that you will be prompted for a password reset page, so enter a new Apple Id password and Re-enter password in the respective fields.
  • Tap on “Save” button.
Now your Apple Id password has been reset successfully and you can login into your account.

If users have any confusion or problem with the above steps or want to get solutions the other Apple account issues, so they can very rapidly take solutions by experts online help, just contact at Applecare phone number. This number is live working 24x7 days, so users can anytime from anywhere connect with customer care team to get refined approaches and reliable solutions to problems.

Applecare phone number

You can use the different ways of communication to contact with the support team of Apple.You can either take the phone support or the remote desktop support to contact with the support team of Apple.For any further assistance you can contact on the Applecare phone number and enjoy the mail service of Apple.

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Smiran 4

24 October, 2018 My apple not connecting to my WiFi, what should i do? I want some solution.

Isupportnumber Team 5

24 October, 2018

Dear Simran often it happens that Apple users faces WI-FI Connection Issues which shows errors in connecting to the WI-FI network. A significant part of the time, reconnecting your Apple to a WI-FI network can be refined with some troubleshooting steps. So here is the various ways you can settle issue like an apple not connecting to Wi-Fi like

·        Ensure weather WI-FI is ON-
It is very common troubleshooting step. So first you need to check that you have make turn on your Apple WI-FI. Just activate the WI-FI icon by swiping up from the button and tapping the WI-FI icon. In case if you left your Apple in Airplane Mode, your WI-FI will be disabled. So tap again on network.

·        Check weather WI-FI network is having password-

If Wi-Fi is password protected, then of course you need to enter the correct password set by the owner to use the network  Or if in case it is unlocked network and still you face problem stoconnect, then simply go back to the WI-FI settings.

·        Make your Apple force restart
To make your Apple force start just Hold down the Home button and Sleep button and continue to hold them until the screen goes blank and you get the Apple logo. Of course it will help you out.

·        Update your phone to the latest ios
As Apple keeps up gradating its software. So to fix the issues related to your WI-FI. You can also update your Apple to its latest configuration.

·        Disable VPN
You can also try to disable VPN to resolve the Apple WI-FI issues still issue remain same you can try for applecare number.

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