How can I recover my Yahoo account without Verification Code?-Updated

The situation occurs when one does not remember his/her Yahoo account details, such as registered mobile number, password, email address, etc.; in such cases, a concern comes into the picture, "How can I recover my Yahoo account without verification code?" so you can take reference of the following discussion based on which you will know how you can do so, and also some other things such as contacting methods,  best time to call, etc. Please look:

Tips for recovering a Yahoo account without a verification code;

Answer the security questions. 

If you have a strong memory and remember all the answers you entered while registering an account, welcome to this mode; this belongs to you. You are suggested to follow the further steps given below:

Go to the log-in tab of Yahoo to begin the mode.

Below the password box, tap "Forgotten Password."

You will find the option "Try another way" tap it. 

You have to click on the option "Answer these questions." 

However, before getting such a tab, you may have to incur your email address. 

Visit the support page. 

If you are unable to recover your Yahoo account without verification code, you can consider visiting the Support tab on the official webpage of Yahoo. There you will find the other steps to follow;

Enter the alternative email address provided at the time of registration. 

If you do not have it, you must enter your registered phone number. 

Once you enter, you will get a link to "reset a password."

Can you call the Yahoo support team for account recovery?

Yes, you may also place a phone call at the Yahoo support number, 800 305  7664, where the official will be assigned to whom you can ask anything related to your account recovery, unauthorized access, etc. Post that, you may access it. 

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