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Twitter : The Social Media Marketing Giants

Internet has unleashed the digital revolution in unprecedented ways. We are currently internet for various services like emailing, chatting, online shopping, financial transaction and so forth. We are living in a Internet 2.0 revolution which has helped in creating exponential exchange of data and data services especially after the advent of the social media. Social media has played a critical and important role in expanding the reach of the networks. These days we loves to spend time on social media platform. There are numerous number of social media platform to suit the needs of their different user base. One such social media platform which is quite popular is Twitter. Twitter customer service will guide you in fixing any problem or issue related to the twitter.

Twitter Information CEO: Jack Dorsey (Sep 30, 2015–)

Founded: March 21, 2006, San Francisco, CA

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Official Website-

Twitter is one of the leading and most popular social media platform. This social media sites is considered to be the top two ranks in number of users with having more than 336 millions user. Twitter is consider to be and excellent social media marketing tools which user from across the world use it as a tool to promote their contents or share their views . companies, celebrities, writers, individual use this medium as way to interact with the like minded user base and share their product, opinions, news, so forth. It also provides a excellent platform to debate the ideas, exchange critical views and news bites. Now - a days it has become and excellent tool to directly connect with company, celebrity and well as your political affiliate institution and share your emotions, complaints and so forth.

How to reset the Twitter Account Password

User can take the help of Twitter technical support or follow these simple procedures ;

  • Go to the Twitter sign in page by typing their web address.
  • Then, make sure to enter username.
  • And further click on the forgot password button.
  • Enter your either of the medium to receive your password.
  • If you choose email address then a recovery link will be sent to your email address.
  • Afterwards click on the recovery link then write down your password and then type the new password.
  • Click on the save button and your password has been saved.

Twitter Customer Service Phone Number

In case, if people faces any problem regarding resetting of the password, then they can take the help from the twitter customer service phone number. They have a highly qualified twitter technical support team which are well versed to provide effective solution will be provided to you in no quick time.

FAQ for Twitter
  • Can I Follow on Twitter Without Signing Up?


  • Does Twitter is blocked in China?

    Yes. But some of the agencies such as Huawei and CCTV use it (through a government approved VPN ).

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