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Turkish Airlines was initially introduced as State Airlines Administration for Ministry of National Defence. After a while it was turned over to the Ministry of Public Works and then with time it was subsequently renamed as General Directorate of State Airlines and became part of the Ministry of Transportation. However, in today’s world, Turkish Airline provides one of the best after sale services to their travelers and thus they can reach them anytime at the Turkish airlines booking phone number for any queries.

Turkish Airlines Information

Turkish Airlines Headquarters: Istanbul, Turkey

Turkish Airlines Phone Number: +1 800-874-8875

Turkish Airlines Website:- http://www.turkishairlines.com/

Check In Requirements for Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines provides certain Check-in informations to their travelers for their convenience. In case of any issue or problem the user can contact the Turkish airline booking phone number and clarify. The airline provide information regarding:

Arrival Time at Airport: For international flights the travelers are recommended to arrive at airport at least 2 hours prior the scheduled departure time and for domestic flights at least 1 hour prior.

Latest time for Boarding Pass: For domestic flights the travelers can collect their boarding pass 45 minutes prior the scheduled departure time and for international flights it must be 60 minutes prior the scheduled departure time of your flight.

Purpose for checking the Travelers’ Passport and Visa: As per the aviation rules every travelers are responsible and have right to get information and valid documents of their travelling country. Generally, Passport-Visa checks are controlled during boarding at the time of check-in to prevent travelers who are traveling with invalid/faulty visa or passport and such travelers are liable to pay penalties.

ID Check for Domestic Flights: As per aviation rules, travelers have to carry their identification card which includes driving license or passport with them while travelling domestic.

Code Share Flight: Any flight which is operated by another airline then Turkish Airlines has an agreement to sell seats using the "TK" airline code. The travelers can also contact Turkish airline booking phone number and verify if they have queries regarding the code share flights.

For any assistance regarding any service including Booking Flight Tickets, Check In Policies, Return Policy, Ticket Cancellation Policy or anything, then the travelers can contact the Turkish airlines booking phone number at anytime and ask for their expert and professional assistance and solve the issues immediately without any hassle. The customer service of Turkish Airlines provide 24X7 service, In case a traveler want to search local office, they first need to select the country where he or she looking for the office, then select the city and finally select the office nearby the location.

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