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Turkish Airlines was initially introduced as State Airlines Administration for Ministry of National Defence. After a while it was turned over to the Ministry of Public Works and then with time it was subsequently renamed as General Directorate of State Airlines and became part of the Ministry of Transportation. However, in today’s world, Turkish Airline provides one of the best after sale services to their travelers and thus they can reach them anytime at the Turkish airlines customer service phone number for any queries.

Turkish Airlines Information

Turkish Airlines Headquarters: Istanbul, Turkey

Turkish Airlines Phone Number: +1 800-874-8875

Fleet size: 344

Destinations: 304

Company slogan: Widen Your World

Frequent-flyer program: Miles&Smiles

Alliance: Star Alliance

Turkish Airlines Website:- http://www.turkishairlines.com/

What are the steps for making reservations on Turkish Airlines

If you are considering book flight with Turkish Airlines, then you are in the appropriate spot to collect information about reservation procedure. Making reservations on Turkish Airlines is very considerable as they present reliable platforms for it. Besides, if you worried about what to carry or not on Turkish Airlines flight, which is too a significant concern, then relax as they offer a very generous baggage policy. More thorough details explaining the steps for making Turkish Airlines reservations, plus the points to describe its baggage policy are, presented below.

Turkish Airlines Reservations Process

What are the Turkish Airlines Reservations steps?

Turkish Airlines represents an online panel on its website which allows making a flight reservation with them. Moreover, for making a Turkish Airlines reservations, you have to follow the steps as below :

  • Open Turkish Airlines web page and tap on Book A Flight section
  • Next, you must select your desired trip type.
  • Then submit name of your departure and arrival destinations
  • Next, choose the suitable dates for you journey on the calendar
  • After that select a preferred class among business and economy
  • Then provide the number of travelers as per the age group
  • Hereafter press search button to view the list of available flights

After that select a suitable flight and pay for a confirmed reservation via preferred mode

What is the baggage policy followed by Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines understands the concern of passengers regarding the luggage allowance that is why it provides a generous policy as discussed below:

  • As per the baggage policy of Turkish Airlines, economy passengers are permitted to bring only 1 carry-on baggage each of weight up to 8 kg whereas the business passengers can bring 2 such bags of same weight
  • Cabin baggage permitted by the Turkish Airlines must not exceed in size above 55 x 40 x 23 cm
  • According to the baggage policy for Checked luggage, economy passenger can bring up to 20 kg whereas business passengers can bring up to 30 kg in the domestic flights
  • Checked baggage on the domestic flight must not exceed the size above 158 cm and weight above 32 kg
  • As per the checked baggage policy for the international flights economy class is permitted for 20 kg bag while business class is permitted to carry 30 kg weight
  • Extra baggage fee on domestic flight range between 8 to 32 Euros, whereas for international flights the range is between 160-360 USD.

Check In Requirements for Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines provides certain Check-in informations to their travelers for their convenience. In case of any issue or problem the user can contact the Turkish airlines phone number and clarify. The airline provide information regarding:

Arrival Time at Airport: For international flights the travelers are recommended to arrive at airport at least 2 hours prior the scheduled departure time and for domestic flights at least 1 hour prior.

Latest time for Boarding Pass: For domestic flights the travelers can collect their boarding pass 45 minutes prior the scheduled departure time and for international flights it must be 60 minutes prior the scheduled departure time of your flight.

Purpose for checking the Travelers’ Passport and Visa: As per the aviation rules every travelers are responsible and have right to get information and valid documents of their travelling country. Generally, Passport-Visa checks are controlled during boarding at the time of check-in to prevent travelers who are traveling with invalid/faulty visa or passport and such travelers are liable to pay penalties.

ID Check for Domestic Flights: As per aviation rules, travelers have to carry their identification card which includes driving license or passport with them while travelling domestic.

Code Share Flight: Any flight which is operated by another airline then Turkish Airlines has an agreement to sell seats using the "TK" airline code. The travelers can also contact Turkish airlines phone number and verify if they have queries regarding the code share flights.

For any assistance regarding any service including Booking Flight Tickets, Check In Policies, Return Policy, Ticket Cancellation Policy or anything, then the travelers can contact the Turkish airlines phone number at anytime and ask for their expert and professional assistance and solve the issues immediately without any hassle. The customer service of Turkish Airlines provide 24X7 service, In case a traveler want to search local office, they first need to select the country where he or she looking for the office, then select the city and finally select the office nearby the location.

FAQ for Turkish Airlines
  • Does Turkish Airlines Fly to Japan ?


  • What is Turkish Airlines Reservations Method.

    There are bascially two method for Turkish booking or reservations for ex-

    1- You can book by Turkish site

    2- You can take help from Turkish representatives over the phone.

  • Do Turkish airlines provide sources of entertainment during the journey?

    One airline that is known for providing the topnotch services is Turkish Airlines. It offers various amenities to the passengers and let them fly comfortably with their families and friends. One of the best services provides by them is the inflight services that let them enjoy during the flight. The passengers will not see the time passing when they are on the flight.

    Entertainment in Turkish Airlines:

    Turkish airlines have improved the selection of media that is available on the on-board entertainment system. The airline has added the latest multimedia content. You can just have a look:

    A musical journey is waiting for you:

    The collection of music includes more than 7,50,000 songs that are composed of 3500 artists. It also includes concerts and rankings of the best songs. Not only this, but the safety of your instruments is also ensured by us. We let the musicians carry their instruments to travel around and join their fans.

    Entertainment for kids:

    The entertainment for the kids includes movies, TV shows, and games. The young passengers will never get bored during the trip.

  • Does it provide the facility of accommodation for a long layover?

    Now coming on the topic, do Turkish Airlines provide hotels for long layovers, then let us inform you that there are two criteria for qualifying for free transit hotels and accommodation in Turkish Airlines:

    • For the economy class passengers, the transit time between the arriving flight and the connecting flight must be longer than 12 hours.
    • If the passengers have booked their ticket in the business class, then the transit time must be longer than the 9 hours.

    The passengers have to be sure whether they qualify for a free hotel room or not. This can be checked by emailing them ahead of time. You can also check upon arrival. You have to follow the signs meant for the international transfers and can make the way straight to the Turkish Airlines

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