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Google has become most important hassle free communication tool worldwide. This is the most reliable source of contacting from one end to another end. Gmail email service is represented by Google inc. headquartered in California which is one of the mostly used search engine over the internet. Google is essentially most popular and free webmail service platform. There are millions of users of Google around the world. There might be some queries arises due to failure of gmail services for which the company has established gmail technical support where a user can ask for the answer of any question. Here you can use the services personally as well as professionally. The company is quite concerned towards the Google mail customer service because here is only the place where all kind of solution is delivered. Not doubt the email service is more secure than any other email services.

Some of the highlights of Google services and features:-
  • 15 GB storage capacity to store contacts, documents, and files
  • Custom themes for own image
  • Email configuration
  • Hangouts with up to 10 friends simultaneously
  • To sync your contacts
  • Advance Syncing
  • Restore addresses, and so on

Despite these excellent features, sometimes you may come across some problem with your Google mail account while using its emailing and other services. Therefore, at that time, you need an expert's vision to get eliminated or technical help to encounter the issue as fast as possible. Thus, in this situation, you can hire the Google mail customer service experts and get the immediate technical solutions for various Gmail issues within a few minutes. The proficient and skilled technical experts will guide you in cracking your all kinds of Gmail regarding hurdles in a comprehensive way.

Gmail Problems:-

Here are mentioned some common Gmail problems which are faced by regular users of the Google mail account are:-

  • Issue with creating Gmail account
  • Gmail account login issues
  • Recovery Gmail password
  • Reset or change Gmail password issue
  • Temporarily blocked of Gmail account issue
  • Gmail account hacked issue
  • Send or receive email problems
  • Gmail is not accessible, working and responding problem
  • Filter, phishing & junk email glitches
  • Sync issue of Gmail accounts on mobile devices such as Android, iPod, iPad and others
  • Forgot or lost Gmail password problem
  • Download of the attachment files problem
  • IMAP and POP setting connection issue
  • Gmail email configuration or setup problems on mobile devices and other email programs
  • Two-step verification of Gmail account
  • Gmail account setting and security problem
  • Gmail account hacked and blocked issue
  • Issue related to the Spam, Junk, & phishing emails snags
  • Problem with Hangout and many other problems

How to set Google SMTP server

  • The user needs to go under the outgoing mail and then needs to set the SMTP server accordingly.
  • Then the user needs to set the username and at last the user needs to make sure that the username and the password is checked.
  • Thus at last the user of the Gmail account might enter the settings required for setting the Gmail smtp server.
  • Furthermore the user thus will realize that the settings have been made accordingly.
  • Once the connection has been made the user may get the connection made easily and thus set the Gmail smtp server as soon as possible and that too in a very short period of time.

Listed above are some of the steps for doing the Gmail smtp server settings .Once the connection has been secured , then the user might get be able to make the required connection and thus get connection established and secured. In case the users of Gmail get stuck in any issue, then the user needs to take the required help and assistance from the technical experts by contacting the Google mail customer service that allows that allows the users of Gmail to talk to the experts who are technically qualified and professional in their respective fields.

How to Create Google account?

If any Gmail user desires to know the procedure that how to create a Gmail account, so they can follow these steps:-

  1. Go to official Gmail page that is
  2. Click on the blue "Create account" button.
  3. Enter your First Name and Last Name.
  4. Choose your username which you want to use as your Gmail account.
  5. Go the "Create a password" section and fill a strong and unique password as per your choice.
  6. Go the "Confirm your password" section and Retype the password.
  7. Go the "Birthday section and pick your date of birth details like Month, Day, and Year.
  8. Select your Gender.
  9. Type your Mobile phone for verification purpose.
  10. Tick the Checkbox of "Prove you're not robot "option.
  11. Type visual character code which shows in the picture.
  12. Tick the "I agree to the Google Terms of service and privacy policy".
  13. Click "Next step" button.
  14. Click "Next step" button.
  15. Click "Continue to Gmail" option.

In this manner, new email users can create a Gmail account easily.

How to Recover Google Mail Password?

If any case, Gmail users forget or lost password of their Gmail account or it's hacked by someone, so they can follow the below steps to resolve this issue.

  1. Go to Gmail login page.
  2. Click "Need Help" option.
  3. Select "I don't know my Password" option.
  4. Enter "Email Address" and click "continue" option.
  5. Enter the last remember the password, and then click "continue" button.
  6. Choose a way to get a verification code either by text message or automated phone call.
  7. Click "continue" button.
  8. Enter that verification code here text box which you selected to get recovery details.
  9. Click "Next" button.
  10. Enter a new password.
  11. Reenter the new password
  12. Click "Save" button.

In this manner, the user can recover their Gmail account efficiently, when they forget or lost the password.


How to Change Google Mail Password?

Many times Gmail users need to reset or change Gmail password for security reasons, so that time they can follow these steps.

  1. Sign into Gmail account.
  2. Go the "Settings" option.
  3. Go the "Accounts and Import" tab.
  4. Choose "Change account settings" section, and click "Change Password" link.
  5. Now you will promote a new page, so enter your current Gmail password to signing an account.
  6. Type "New Password" and "Confirm Password".
  7. Click the "Change Password" button.

By the following way, the user can easily change or reset Gmail password.


How to Add Google Signature?

  1. Sign into Gmail accounts by using your login credentials
  2. Go the "Settings" option.
  3. Scroll down to the "Signature" option and to turn the Signature feature below "No signature" radio button.
  4. In the Signature text box, you can type anything which you want to use as your signature. You can add here your name, an image with your text or on its own, your company's logo, and so on.
  5. You can also add hyperlinks to text in your signature by just simply clicking on the "Link" button.

In this manner, you can quickly add Gmail Signature.There are some people who still need help for the above solved issue, they are required to connect Google mail customer service team because they will first try to understand the whole issue and then suggest users with proper solution.


How to Add Two Step Verification Google

The main benefit of using the two-step verification is that you will need both a password as well as a verification code to successfully access your account. This gives you an extra level of security which will help you keeping all the troublemakers out of your account. The steps which have been written below and offered by Gmail customer service must be used by all the users of how to set-up Gmail Two step verification: -

  1. Open Settings in your account.
  2. Then select Turn on Two Step verification.
  3. Enter in the phone number and the method by which you wish to receive the code. Either by text message or telephone.
Get Quickly and Instant Google Mail Customer Service To Get Fantastic Resolution for Several Issues

Various range of queries mentioned above can be eliminated through the help of gmail customer service at any instant of time. Many of the professionals are that much capable in the company that they easily figure out any point of lacking and serve the better way of quick fixing. Many of the best troubleshooting tricks are available only over the gmail customer service most of the time. If being a user you want to identify the section of fault and seeking solution the just call on google customer service phone number for instant solution. You can also grab the toll free number from customer support website. User can easily rely on Gmail services and can get reliable, on time solution which are no doubt user friendly.

How to get a human at Google?

Gmail customer service has been developed a very convenient path where a user can meet the expertise. Gmail technical support is one of the highly availed services around the world and therefore they have been able to mark a wining line of success. Many of the complications are there for which you look for expertise. In that case you have no option except calling on gmail customer service phone number for any moment round throughout the years. Day by day it is being observed that the demand of gmail services are increasing and thus ultimately demands of gmail customer service is also increasing.

Google Customer Service Number

They advise to all the user who are connected with the gmail customer service that there is nothing to worry in any case of deflection. Many of the technical terms are getting visible as the days passes which are quite technical. They are providing gmail technical support by seeing such kind of cases separately. In the age of mobile there they provided google customer service phone number where anyone can call on. Gmail customer service executives are working day and night both which is a high advantage for the users who works at night.

Country Phone number
All countries 1-646-257-4500
Argentina 0800-266-1399 
Australia 1800-726-151
Austria 0800-080-023
Belgium 0800-581-29
Brazil 0800-047-4795
Canada 1-877-355-5787
Chile 123-002-00551 
Colombia 01-800-518-2904
Czech Republic 800-500-361
Denmark 80-603-148
Egypt 0800-000-0558
Finland 0800-94458
France 0805-540-801
Germany 0800-891-1105
Greece 00800-441-498-82
Hong Kong 307-13746
Hungary 0680-987-455
India 1800-108-7879
Indonesia 001-803-4424-48
62 21 2970-3951Toll number
Ireland 1800-812-105
Israel 1-809-303156
Italy 800-930-858
848 780596
Japan 0120-556-813
Malaysia 1-800-887-774
Mexico 01-800-083-5649
Netherlands 0800-4500-001
New Zealand 0800-957-854
Norway 800-30-103
Peru 0800-554-50
Philippines 1-800-8-908-6435
63 2 395-2324Toll number
Poland 800-702-429
Portugal 800-209-100
Romania 0800-896-723
Russia 8-800-555-2796
+7 4-957-0591-64
Saudi Arabia 800-844-9880
Singapore 1800-415-5514
South Africa 0800-000-773
South Korea 0805-780-880
Spain 900-814-527
90 101 0014
Sri Lanka 011-247-0773
Sweden 0209-807-52
Switzerland 080-000-04-46
Taiwan 0800-666-540
Thailand 001800-44-12917
Turkey 00800-4488-29881
90 212 375 52 25Toll number
Ukraine 0-800-502361
United Arab Emirates 8000-444-8847
United Kingdom 0800-169-0455
United States 1-877-355-5787
Vietnam 1800-4919
Google Customer Service Number World Wide-

How can I speak to a live person at Google?

Google has always provided the top-notch service to its passengers. You can use any app for your convenience, but despite all these features and efforts, you can still face some issues in this. For this, you will require the help of the live persons.

To get the answer to this question, “How can I Speak to a Live Person at Google?” you are at the right place. You will get the answer to this question in the points that we have mentioned below. These steps will provide you with the required aid, and you will be evident in your mind.

Ways of contact to the executives:

Call on the helpline number to connect Live Person:

The email provider provides the option of calling on the toll-free number of Google customer service live person ie- 1-646-257-4500 users to provide the aid. You can go to the official website and can discuss your query with the live person of Google. You just need to call on the helpline number, and then you can have a word with the live person.

Other options:

Automated Call System for connecting Google Live Person

  1. First of all dial google worldwide toll free number ie 1-646-257-4500
  2. Now Press 1 for Google Play store related issues
  3. Press 2 for app related issues
  4. Press 3 for recharge, bill payment related issues
  5. For other help press 4

How to connect for Google Mail Services

  1. Press 1 for getting support
  2. Press 2 for google hacked, reset or other issues
  3. For connecting direct to google live person press 3

Email support:

You can also go for this option to get the resolution of your issue. You need to write an email to the google customer service phone number live person ot executives who will be there to help you with all your concerns. They will revert you for the emails with the detailed solutions to your issues.

Through Google support page:

You can also hunt for the queries on the support page if you are not facing any major issues. You can look for the questions on the support page and then you will get the answers.

FAQ for Gmail
  • Does gmail work in china?

    No Gmail does not work in China. You can not access any kind of services realted to Gmail in China.

  • How do I contact Gmail directly?

    If you are interested in contacting Gmail for any Gmail related complication or problems then there are certain things that one could resort to. The Support team at Gmail is available round the clock to assist users if they are met with certain problems. 

    For establishing direct contact the users are recommended to try and stick to one of the ways mentioned below:

    • The users must resort to calling the helpline number provided by Google for their support. There are certain things that users could seek assistance through Google support. 

  • Can I emailing Google support?

    If you are interested in emailing Google support for help then you could do so by composing an email that contains all your queries and problems and then send it to the mail address released by Google that is typically for the customer care department. 

    You could also ask the Gmail customer service representatives to arrange a call back to address all your queries and doubts. This will allow you a scope to discuss all your doubts and queries over the call and you will get better solutions.

  • Does Google have Live Chat Support or not

    Though you usually do not face any problems with your Google account, the problems get fixed by doing a few simple steps. The information to perform the tasks is available on the Google support page. Once you reach there, you can get all details about the query and get it fixed.

    Also, sometimes, it happens to see resolving a problem seems difficult by performing basic troubleshooting. In that case, you can contact the Google Mail customer service team. The representatives help you to fix the problem that you see with your account.

    Moreover, you can go to the support page of Google where you can find the chat option. Once you click the Chat option, it will redirect you to another page. On that page, you can discuss the issue that you see with your Google account.

    Besides, you can choose alternate methods to contact the support team which are as follows:

    • By making a phone call, you can get immediate help from the technical support team. In this, you can dial the number anytime and get immediate help to get rid of the issue.
    • Sending an email is also another good option to resolve an issue. You can send an email by mentioning the issues that you see with your account. The support team replies to you with all the necessary details.

    By using any of the methods, you can connect with a support team expert. Also after reading the above information, you will no longer wonder does Google have live chat support. In case you need immediate help, you should contact the support team on a phone call to get assistance.



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