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Benefits of choosing Tassili Airlines Reservations Phone Number

Tassili Airlines is a very famous airline service located in Algiers that's based in Algeria. This airline service provider provides it's airline facilities that operates from the Houari Boumediene Airport located in Algeria. It travels to approximately 21 destinations including places like Paris, Annaba, Nantes, Strasbourg, Marseille and many more. Tassili Airlines provides both airline services that is scheduled as well as charter flight facilities to people.

Therefore, people who have plans to travel to any of these destinations mentioned above, then they can very easily opt for Tassili airlines flights for their journey. For travelling, people needs to book their ticket of this airline and further they can travel to their preferred destination.

Tassili Airlines Other Information

Destinations: 21

Headquarters: Algiers, Algeria

CEO: Belkacem Harchaoui (26 Nov 2015–)

Fleet Size: 15

Tassili Airlines Official Website : http://www.tassiliairlines.dz/

Tassili Airlines Reservations Phone Number for ALGERIE : 021 737 800 *

Tassili Airlines Customer Service Phone Number for FRANCE : 0820 90 12 13 *

On the other hand, before booking the tickets for Tassili airlines flight, people should know about it's baggage policy as many times people don’t read the baggage policy and carries extra luggage with themselves. As a result people are made to pay extra for their overweight luggage. Therefore, mentioned below are the details for Tassili airlines baggage policy:

Baggage policy for Tassili airlines:

  • For every checked in bag people are allowed to carry bags that are of 20 kg and not more than that.
  • This 20 kg of the baggage is allowed per person.
  • For every extra and overweight bags, people needs to pay extra money at the baggage counter of the airport.
  • For every carry on bags or the hand bags, people are allowed to carry bags that is of 55 x 35 x 25 cm size.
  • This hand bag allowance is also for per person.
  • The baggage check in can be done 2 hour or 60 minutes.

Furthermore, for any issue or confusion related to the baggage policy of Tassili airlines, people can directly get in touch with the Tassili Airlines customer service phone number and can get the required details. The customer service representatives are available all day long so that people don’t have to wait for their problems.

Besides, for booking tickets for Tassili airlines flight, there are certain procedure that people needs to follow. So, mentioned below are the details for the steps to book Tassili airlines flight tickets:

  • Firstly, people should visit the official booking site of Tassili airlines and should enter their journey preference according to their wish.
  • Then, they should go to the departure menu and should mention the city and the date.
  • From there head towards the arrival menu and enter the arrival city.
  • Select on search and get the available Tassili airlines flights details displayed on the screen.
  • From the mentioned list, people should choose for their best flight and from there should click on book.
  • Once the book option is selected, people will get the passenger form that they need to fill.
  • When the passenger form is filled people should proceed towards the payment option and should pay for the booked ticket.
  • Lastly, when the payment is completed people will get their tickets on their email address and also on their phone numbers.

Tassili Airlines Customer Service Phone Number

Hence, by following these ticket booking process people will be able to book their Tassili airline flight tickets to their destinations. Also, for this purpose people can also dial the Tassili Airlines customer service phone number and can talk with the representatives of this airline.


FAQ for Tassili Airlines
  • How do i cancel Tassili Airlines Flight?

    Check it through Tassili airlines cancellation policy.

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