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Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is the bureau of the Department of the Treasury. Under the direction of Commissioner of Internal revenue the agency administers the Internal Revenue Code. To identify systemic problems within the IRS there is an independent office known as Taxpayer Advocate Service. IRS also trains and runs independent volunteer programs like Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) and Counseling for the Elderly (TCE).

Headquarters: - Washington, D.C., United States

Founded: July 1, 1862, United States of America

IRS Customer Service Phone Number: (1-(800)-829-1040)

IRS Website:-

To report the federal tax regulations, IRS publishes tax forms. Forms like 3471 and 4228 are also published by its internal operations. IRS also abides by revenue rulings and private letter rulings for pursuing the tax cheaters. Authority of regulations helps the tax players to rely on them. To correct the tax errors IRS has Revenue Procedures among taxpayers.

There are also various IRS Data Retrieval Tools available to access the IRS tax return information to complete the free application and transfer data into their FAFSA from IRS web site. IRS has internal operations which describe the procedure for processing and auditing returns. IRS has also started to outsource the collection taxpayer debts to private debt collections.

For more news or any help dial the IRS customer service phone number for expert advice. A person who deals with the tax returns will address the issues and solve the queries efficiently.

  • How to pay IRS Online?

    Here are some ways to make IRS payements:-

    • Direct Pay.
    • Credit or debit cards.
    • Installment agreement

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Claire casey

25 March, 2019

I have tried repeatedly to contact IRS to create a payment plan. You don’t recognize me although I’ve been paying taxes for over 40 years. I tried calling but the option for a payment plan is not one of the choices. So where are you?? And how do I make arrangements??

Elizabeth R. Reynolds

08 April, 2019 I had to send my state MA tax form in (apparently) there was an error. In the mail today I receive 2 letters (tracking # 100439258152 and # 100439258558) I still do not know what to do with the letters. Where is the communications?

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