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Assembled information to contact Tokyo Haneda Airport: 

Tokyo Haneda Airport serves the Greater Tokyo Area. This airport acts as a hub for many airlines, including Japan Airlines, Skymark Airlines, and All Nippon Airways. A daily number of international flights operate from this airport. If you have made a reservation via any airline and you are about to depart from this airport, then you can seek travel assistance to resolve any issue using the contact details mentioned in the following section. 

How do I contact Tokyo Haneda Airport? 

No matter if you have a concern with your booked ticket or want to make a reservation, you can get through Tokyo Handea customer services to get your travel issues eliminated and your travel arrangements made. The important contact information to get through different representatives according to your issue is mentioned below: 

Contact Tokyo Haneda Airport by calling:

Customers who have general travel inquiries, from flight reservations to cancellation and rebooking tickets, can make phone calls to customer services. Calls can be initialized by dialing the official Tokyo Haneda Airport phone number:03-5757-8111 and obeying the instructions mentioned by an automated voice. Callers can discuss their queries once the call is handled by a concerned representative. 

Working hours: Travelers must note that reception timing for domestic flights at Tokyo Haneda Airport is from 5 am to 11.59 pm., while for international flights, they are servicible 24/7. 

Airport code of Tokyo Haneda Airport: The airport code of Tokyo Haneda Airport is HND. Travelers can search for flights by entering this code; also, after making reservations, they will receive this code on their tickets.

Lost and Found Phone Number: Travelers who find their luggage missing or lost at the airport can contact the lost and found department. They can dial the phone number 03-57578111; the phone services are available from 6 am to 8 pm. Travelers must also fill out the lost and found registration form if they are still on the airport premises.

For immigration-related concerns: 

Travelers who have immigration-related concerns or confusion can always get rid of their issues by having a conversation over the phone. They must make use of the contact number 050-5533-6931. Tokyo Haneda customs branch department is located at Terminal 3 of the airport. 

Parking contact details: Tokyo Haneda Airport has a total of 5 parking slots. The parking management office can be contacted by dialing 3-5757-8191. 

Fill out the inquiry form to collect information from Tokyo Haneda Airport: 

Inquiry forms can also be filled by customers who want to curate any specific information from Tokyo Haneda Airport. This form can be filled out by using the steps provided below:

  • Go to the Haneda International Airport website.
  • Visit the contact page.
  • Scroll to the bottom and press the inquiry form button.
  • As the online form generates, you must fill in all the mandatory details and mention your issue in the space provided.
  • Review the filled details and attach the travel documents.

Terminals at Tokyo Haneda Airport: 

There are a total of three terminals available at Tokyo Haneda Airport. Different domestic and international flights operate from these terminals. Your terminal depends upon the airline you are traveling with. 

Services available at Tokyo Haneda Airport: 

No matter to which destination you are traveling through which airline via Tokyo Haneda Airport, you can always expect and enjoy the following amazing services during your trip:

Information counters and check-in counters: 

If you have any travel issues, you can simply head to the Tokyo Haneda reservation and information counter and check-in under live guidance. You can also Save check-in time by making use of self-check-in kiosks.

Car or taxi rental services:  

Make use of car rental and accommodation facilities: If you have arrived at Tokyo Haneda airport from any destination, then you can always rent a taxi or car to reach your destination. You can even get accommodation facilities from the airport.

Travelers traveling with kids: 

If any traveler is traveling with the child, then they can rent strollers from the airport. Not only this, they can even make use of baby rooms and nursing booths. 

Waiting rooms and lounge:

Travelers can make use of Tokyo Haneda waiting rooms or lounges if there are long time for flight departure. Apart from this, there are also conference halls and rental office space that can be used for meetings or other multipurpose uses. 

Currency exchange counters and ATMs: 

Banks and ATMs are available at the airport premises. Travelers can also exchange their foreign currencies at the corresponding counters.

Special assistance or medical assistance: 

Wheelchair rental services are also available at Tokyo Haneda Airport. If any disabled passenger requires assistance for his airport boarding, he can request the same. Medical rooms are also available for sudden emergencies. 

Different shops and restaurants: This airport has a number of shops and restaurants. Travelers can dine at the available options; also, they can shop from different duty-free stores. 

Parking area: Travelers who are traveling via their own vehicles can make use of the Tokyo Haneda parking area to park their vehicles. 



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