Google cannot verify my account

Detailed guide on how to fix Google unable to verify account issue

In the past few years, Google has completely changed the way online activities work. Further, the developers have introduced multiple applications and services for the users to make online surfing simple and easier. However, for accessing these services, it is required that  a person has to created a Google account.

Creating a Google account is a really cery simple task but, most of the users encounter an issue when they face some technical issue or fail to ensure the security of their account. Fortunately, to help out the users in such situations, the service providers offer them solutions to easily resolve this issue.

Lately, many users have reported Google cannot verify my account issue. Well, this issue is common and can be fixed in time by trying out the simple troubleshooting solutions provided in the page. Besides, before heading on with the solutions, let's know about the reasons that can lead to this issue.

Reasons why Google fails to verify the account

Multiple reasons can lead to Google cannot verify my account issue, but most of the common reasons that cause this problem include:

  • Incorrect username and password entered by the user
  • Lost access to recovery email and phone number

Luckily, this issue is quite common among the users and can be resolved in time by trying out the simple steps provided in this page.

Fixing Google unable to verify the account issue

1. Reset password of Google account

One of the main reasons behind Google unable to verify the account issue is because of the incorrect password entered by the user at the time of login. In such situations, it is suggested to the users to reset the password of their Google account for which they are required to follow the below-given steps:

  • Visit the recovery page and provide the username .
  • Now, to reset the password of the Google account, select a mode of recovery.
  • Further, the user can request a code over the phone number linked to the account and proceed.
  • Then, provide that particular code and verify the Google account.
  • After the account is verified, the user can create a new password for their account and save the changes.

And in this way, one can easily fix Google cannot verify my account  issue in time. Besides, one can also try the alternative solution provided in this page.

2. Restart the device

There are chances that users might fail to verify their account as the user failed to receive the code required for account verification. So, in such situations, the user can simply restart their device and check if the issue is resolved or not.

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