How to save Bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox

How to save bookmarks in Mozilla firefox easy methods

A free open source web browser with ultimate features are named as Mozilla Firefox or simply Firefox. The system is designed and developed by Mozilla Foundation and also many troubles usually come to the users associated with this browser. People usually ask how to save bookmarks in mozilla which have simple and few step solution. You can take advice from any experience person if in case you are getting any complication. The process is very nominal even if you explore firefox then you will self able to make the appropriate changes in the mozilla firefox.


  • In the very first step users need to click on Bookmarks option and choose Show all Bookmarks to open the library window.
  • In the library window, hit the option Import and Backup option and then choose Restore.
  • Select the backup for which you want to restore.
  • Choose File will let users to restore from manual backups.
  • After selecting a backup, your bookmark from that file will be restored.
  • Finally close the library windows.

Even after following and implementing the above step for how to save bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox you still facing some disturbance then you need to get advice from some other person who carry some knowledge.

How you can set Backup and restore manually?:

  • In the first step you need to click on Bookmark button and select Show All Bookmarks to open the library window.
  • Tap the Import and Backup in the library window and choose backup.
  • Select the location in the bookmarks backup filename window to save the files.
  • The file is named Bookmarks-”date”.json by default. The desktop is generally a good spot.
  • Any place is easy to remember will work.
  • Finally save the bookmarks json file.

All the above steps are detailed that suggest how to save bookmarks in mozilla firefox just by following few simple steps. If still finding any trouble then contact the right source.

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