How to Disable Pop ups in Google Chrome

Read simple methods for How to Disable Pop ups in Google Chrome

Pop ups – they are form online advertising methods on the World Wide Web which very often works by capturing the email addresses which is indeed generated with the help of Java script , how does it works it open new webpage under the active page which at times can be disturbing however most of the times they do not open until that page is closed which is why it also becomes difficult to determine which website opened it

Pop up ads also work with the same phenomena however at times it appears in front of the window at times it even cover the entire screen and is not closed until the main is closed which is again very disturbing for the user how to overcome the same concern one has the option to learn to how to disable pop up in chrome.

In order to learn how to disable pop ups in google chrome one has to follow the steps laid down –

  • First and foremost on your computer, open chrome.
  • On the page look for the option more and click the same.
  • Hit settings.
  • In the settings look for the option show advanced settings.
  • In the privacy option click content settings.
  • Now under pop – ups, click an option do not allow

Once everything has been done this will ensure that pop ups has be disabled in chrome however if the problem still persists one can take the help of the expert by call the support team or in order to learn how to disable pop up in Google Chrome one can also do so by going through the forum .

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