How do register a Domain Name

Buy a Domain? Just Search for the Best Domain Registration Companies and How do register a Domain Name

Well, Domain registration procedure is the one which identifies the IP address through a name which can be easily remembered and is used in the URLs for the identification of some web pages. The one who registers the name of the domain is usually known as domain name registrant.

Domain registration calls for using the services of ICANN, domain name registrar or ccTLD accredited company which possesses the authority for registering the domain names. Registrars or domain registration companies help the organizations and individuals to register the name of the domain which has the extension such as .net. , .info, .pro, .tv. , . pro, .name, .us etc.

How do register a Domain Name

Well, what is the process to register the domain names? Well, you can do the following for registering your domain:-

  • First, you need to think of a bunch of good domain names which you are likely to use. You would need to think of many names so that if any domain name is taken, then you can go ahead with the other domain.
  • The second thing you need is a PayPal account or a credit card for the payment of your domain. It will let you claim the domain name immediately
  • If you do not possess the web host, then you can let the domain registration companies park your name of the domain on a temporary website. In this way, you can immediately safeguard your domain name before it gets too late and you can take the time for setting up all other aspects related to the site

Some Acclaimed Domain Name Registrars

You can find a lot of domain name registrars which can help you with buying your domain names. The ones who are keen to purchase a domain name can buy their domains by way of the domain registration companies which are pretty easy to come across. The domain name field or industry is very competitive as the prices always oscillate throughout the year. So, it is just impracticable to see an accurate price for any domain name. Following are some domain name registrars from where you can buy a domain:-

    • GoDaddy

This is by far, the most popular registrar company among the domain registration companies available on the internet. It offers domain names at $9.9 per year. The company has a web interface which can easily administer the domains, offer you free web redirection services, free web page, free parked page, free sale page, optional domain registration where your domain is registered with a proxy company name.

    • 1&1 Internet

This is undeniably a large web host which is also a well-liked domain name registrar. Like all the domain registration companies, you can locate diverse prices for an assortment of domain suffixes. The fee is included in the domain registration by which it means that your details are hidden from any public viewing.

    • Namecheap

This domain registration company offers .com domains for $ 10.69 per year. With your domain, you can also get email forwarding and web redirection which is free of charge and free parking of domain name etc. This registrar has copious domain name extensions available such as, .info, .biz, .org, .net etc. Either a PayPal account or a credit card can be used for any purchase done by you.

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29 October, 2017

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