How do I turn on OK Google

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"OK Google" is a splendid feature of Google and it is associated with the Android device. This kind of the service is involved in the searching any types of the programs you want to start on your device through voice command. It activates the Google voice that is so easy to search on your Android device and other Google services and devices. If you are not able to use OK Google service on your device and need assistance then you are the best place.

Here on you can have certain information related to the Google products and services with ease. So if you are not able to use the service of "OK Google". To start this service, there are a number of options available, for which you need to go to the settings where you can make some essential changes in the settings to start the service easily. But still, I was there not able to turn on the settings and I took help from Google tech support team who suggest me the right ways to turn on the OK Google in no time.

Here are the ways if your question is how do I turn on OK Google:

  • Turn on your device and launch your Google internet browser.
  • Go to the settings and press OK Google detection in the device might be showing above.
  • You can see the option of OK Google that is toggled from the screen of your mobile phone.
  • Press the turn on the always-listening mode from the Google app and move to the next button.
  • You will be prompted to say OK Google at least three times so that the app can recognize your voice sounds.
  • After completing the task your OK Google service will be on forever on your mobile device.

But in case, there is an error while using "OK Google", you can have proper guidance and help to resolve this issue from discerning Google techies who are available at every single of time.

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