Does JetBlue require Covid test report to fly?

Is it necessary to carry a COVID test report to fly with JetBlue Airways?

JetBlue is a major American airline and is known to provide one of the safest journeys to its travelers. The airline qualifies all the measures of being called a safe airline to consider if you wish to reach your destination worry-free. JetBlue Airways introduces all the safety measures and standards to stay on the top list of safe airlines. Not only does JetBlue require COVID report test to fly, but there are several stringent protocols that a traveler must follow when traveling with JetBlue. Here can guide you efficiently about the measures embraced by JetBlue to ensure the safety of travelers and its crew members.

Measures taken by JetBlue Airways 

To make you feel confident about your chosen journey, JetBlue strives to provide a safe environment for crew members and travelers. JetBlue follows all the protocols released by CDC and even has launched some of its protocols to ensure maximum safety. Get help from the given point to know more about JetBlue and its safety measures:

Crewmembers safety

  1. JetBlue Airways provides a PTO program which implies that a crew member can take 14 days of sick time if the member got diagnosed with COVID-19.
  2. The airline encourages every crew member to examine their well-being daily to maintain a safe environment for travelers.
  3. Also, the crew member must show their COVID report at the time of boarding declaring that they are not exposed to the virus for at least seven days before the scheduled departure.

Cleanliness and hygiene maintenance

  1. JetBlue maintains the hygiene level of all of its aircraft by cleaning them frequently using Sani-Cide EX3 to protect the aircraft against COVID-19.
  2. The airline makes sure that the most touched surfaces are properly disinfected and the cabins are installed with hospital-grade HEPA air filters.
  3. The air filters are efficient enough to eradicate around 99.97% of the bacteria, viruses, and other contagious particles.
  4. The airline has taken some measures to work together against the spread of the deadly Coronavirus. But JetBlue Airways requires the passengers to abide by some rules and regulations, which could help the airline provide an even safer travel environment.

Regulations imposed for travelers

Every traveler must abide by the given regulations to travel with JetBlue Airways-

  1. All travelers must cover their nose and mouth using a mask while at the airport and even after they are onboard for your flight.
  2. If you are above the age of two years old, you are required to keep your mouth and nose covered with a mask, and you should not remove the cover unless and until it is very urgent.
  3. If you fail to abide by the mask regulation, JetBlue has all the rights to deny your boarding, remove you from the aircraft, and/or impose a penalty as per federal law.

You can contact JetBlue Airways customer service to know how many days before does JetBlue require COVID report test to fly and how you can submit the documents to JetBlue. But do not worry about safety measures as the airline is trying its best to provide a safe and untroubled journey until your destination!


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