Change Gmail New Version to Old Version

Explore the ways to change Gmail new version to the old version

If device is not compatible with the new version of Gmail, in that situation it is needed to revert back to its old version. What you need to do is just click on the gear-shaped icon in the Settings option and select the GO BACK option to your classic .

How to change Gmail New Version to Old Version

  • Enter username and password and login the account.
  • Go to the settings icon on the top right corner of the screen and click on the GO
  • TO THE CLASSIC GMAIL option from the given menu.
  • Gmail will be asked to enter an appropriate reason for reverting back to the old version of Gmail. Give reason for doing so and proceed.
  • After proceeding, screen will revert to the old version of the Gmail.

If people have switched to the old version and still they are getting the layouts and designs of previously used version then they can modify the layout by tapping on “modify the look” of the window to make it more convenient.The new version of Gmail offers the users with three different styles namely  Default, Comfortable and Compact. The user can opt to adjust the look and feel of the new message appear in the inbox list.

Users can apply the theme of choice by clicking on the settings button and choosing the Display Density. If they want to change the background color of Gmail window, select the themes from the menu given under the gear option. They can also adjust the number of messages listed per screen from the general tab . It also gives the opportunity whether the program can nudge to follow on the certain messages which are sent mistakenly or unintentionally.  

In case of any difficulty for how to change gmail new version to old version , people can take assistance from the customer service where experts will be provided immediate help

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