GPS not Working on iPhone

GPS not Working on iPhone ? Try these simple steps to fix it?

The GPS on iPhone is one of the most useful features especially when anyone go to an event, play any GPS based game and search a specific location. People can also allow favorite apps to use current location that can be found by your friends or whatever you want to share with. But sometimes many situations come when users complaint that GPS not working on iPhone and showing some unexpected error. Here in this page, People can learn about the reasons behind this problem and their troubleshooting in a very easy manner.

Why GPS not working on iPhone?

Well, there could be lots of reasons behind the GPS not working problem on iPhone and some of them are listed below:

    • Not updating your location.
    • Signal problem.
    • Displaying incorrect location.
    • Compass problem.
    • Slow tracking your location.
    • Apps not finding or discovering your location.

How to fix GPS not working on iPhone?

Do you want to resolve this problem on your iPhone? Then there are multiple ways to fix and people can go through the below steps to resolve GPS not working on the iPhone in a very simple manner:

Method #1: Check Internet Connection

First of all, ensure that people are using an active internet connection because several of times bad internet connectivity comes many problems including the GPS. So you can check the internet connection and then try to open the GPS on your iPhone.

Method #2: Give Permission

    • Open the Settings
    • Tap on Privacy.
    • Scroll down to Location Services.
    • Now make sure that favorite for that want to use GPS is enabled by togging to the right side. People can also allow these apps when they open their favorite app and a pop-up appears with While using the app or Always to enable the GPS.

Method #3: Reset Network Settings

      • Go to the Settings
      • Then tap on General.
      • Tap on Reset.
      • Tap on Reset Network Settings and then all the network settings will be reset and then you can access the GPS on your iPhone.

Method #4: Update IOS

      • Open the Settings
      • Then click on General.
      • Tap on Software Update.
      • Now check if any latest update available
      • Tap on Download and Install.
      • After that, your iPhone will download the software and then tap on Install tab to update your iOS.

With the help of above steps, GPS not working on iPhone problem can be easily fixed and if people are still confronting any problem related to GPS, then they can contact with the experts team and get the instant help.

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