Where Do I Find Contacts In Hotmail

Get to Find Saved Contact In Your Hotmail Account

Hotmail is known among the best webmail accounts across the world. The email client lets you store important information, save contacts, send and receive emails and much more. Besides, many users prefer Hotmail accounts to save their contacts from MSN Messenger, Groups, Office, and other online platforms. Besides, if you are saving any account from MSN or other Hotmail services, then they will automatically get saved into your Hotmail account.

However, there are times when many users struggle to find their saved contacts in their Hotmail account. This can also lead them to get irritated sometimes. If you are also someone who is thinking where do I find contacts in Hotmail account, then here’s what you need to learn.

Quick Methods To Find Contacts In Hotmail

Finding Saved Contacts

The following steps will help you find Saved contacts in your Hotmail account.

  • At first, you’ll need to visit the Hotmail user sign in page in your web browser, then get access to your account via using the login credentials.
  • In your account, hover over to the Hotmail option on the top at the navigation bar, then click on Contacts.
  • Next, you’ll need to hit the first letter of the contact's name to navigate to the section of your saved contacts. However, if you have saved any contact to a specific group, then you can scroll to that group from the sidebar. But if you don't remember the contact's name, then you are required to know at least the part or all of his email address, or you can also use the search bar to find the contact.

Hereafter, hit the contact to view any information that you've saved about the contact. This can include a name and an email address, or it could also be a business address, phone number or even the fax number.

Finding Windows Live Profiles

  • If you have been thinking Where do I find contacts in Hotmail as in the Windows Live Profile, then here’s what you need to learn.
  • At first, get access to your Hotmail account, then navigate to the Windows Live Search, and then hit Now, you’ll need to enter the name/email address of the person that you wish to search for, and then hit Enter.
  • Hereafter, select the contact that you're searching for from the search results However, if the saved contact is saved into your Hotmail contacts, then it will show up under the Search bar.
  • And if you have saved it in the Live profile results, then you can see it in the top three results from Bing.
  • Hereafter, select the profile link to see more info about that found contact. You can also see the public profile information such as photos and documents of the found contact, and add it as a friend on Messenger.

If you are still wondering Where do I find contacts in Hotmail, then you can also contact the tech professionals at Hotmail. They will assist you with the best information and details in finding the contact in your Hotmail account. 


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