Google not working on Phone

What should be the steps taken if Google search is not working on the phone?

Google search plays a significant role in the world of the internet. Like, have you ever assumed how will you find anything if it stops working? We are much aware of the fact that there are many other options but very less come close to Google.

Some users complain about Google not working on the phone. Some instances are that the Google search bar is not working on the home screen and the search results never show up.

Troubleshooting that can be done:

Certain troubleshooting steps can be taken to rectify the error and to make your Google search work fine. These steps can be explained below:

  •    Restart your phone:

Sometimes, the issue of Google not working on the phone can be rectified by simply restarting the phone. So, before you jump on taking some major steps, we would recommend you to restart your device and check if it is working fine.

Turn off your phone and turn it back on after 10-15 seconds and try operating it again to check.

  •    Checking the internet connection:

Try opening something else to check if your internet is working fine. If that is also not opening, then the problem is in your internet connection. You should ensure that the internet you are using is stable. If you are using Wi-Fi, try restarting your modem or try to switch between Wi-Fi and mobile data.

  •    Try re-adding the search widget:

If the issue you are facing is only with the search bar, then it is suggested to re-add it. To do this, you have to remove the widget by holding it and dragging it towards the remove icon. Then, find a space on your home screen and select the widgets looking from the options. Try searching for the Google search bar and drag it to the home screen.

  •    Restarting the Google App:

As you have tried restarting your phone and the issue is not resolved, you can also try restarting the Google app. It is recommendable to force stop the app. You can do this by the following steps:

  • The first step is to open the settings nd go to the application manager folder.
  • Then, you have to tap on the Google and the next screen, you have to click on the Force stop.
  • The last step is to try searching for the Google app or its widget to place it on the home screen to restart the device.
  • Clear Google caches:

You can also clear Google app caches by going in the settings, application manager and Google. The next step is to go to storage and then on clear caches. These are the steps that can be taken if Google is not working on the phone. You can also contact customer support.

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