Change name on Jetblue Airlines Tickets

What is the method for applying a name change on the JetBlue tickets?

JetBlue Airlines represents a sound policy allowing passengers to make a few eligible changes in their booked tickets. Here you will learn particularly about the name change policy of JetBlue Airlines. However, the need to change the name on a pre-booked flight may occur at the times when mistakenly spelled wrong, or a few other reasons. Moreover, if you wish to learn about how to change name on JetBlue Airlines tickets then grab explicit details from below.

What is the method to change name on flight tickets?

If you are looking forward to learn the exact procedure to change name on JetBlue Airlines ticket, then follow the steps as below:

  • Open the official web page.
  • Then go towards Manage Trips field and open it
  • Next, provide your booking code in the assigned box
  • Then enter passenger’s last name too in the next box
  • Hereafter hit find flight button to retrieve bookings
  • Next, select the individual flight from list to apply for name change on it
  • Then apply the eligible change in the name on ticket
  • At last, you have to pay change fee for saving the applied modifications in the name on ticket

What are the rules for applying name change on tickets?

Whenever you wish to change name on JetBlue Airlines tickets, you must go through its policy once, as discussed below:

  • As per the name change policy of JetBlue Airlines, passengers have permission to apply modifications only for the minor spelling errors
  • Moreover, JetBlue Airlines allows the passenger to change the last name fully in only legal conditions like marriage or divorce
  • JetBlue passenger who are applying for the last name change must show them proper documents in support of the claim

So this way, you can simply change name on JetBlue Airlines tickets whenever such a condition comes across. Other than this, you can contact the customer service team of JetBlue Airlines if still not much clear about the whole situation. Additionally, you can also receive other reservation related details from the JetBlue customer service team too.

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Q1-Can I change the name on my flight JetBlue?

It is pretty common when a person submits the personal information on the ticket wrong. Though everything can be changed, what if you want to change the name? For this, you need to remember some points that are mentioned below.

  1. JetBlue airlines let you change the name on the ticket only one time. It should be done on the original PNR.
  2. For name changing, you have to bear some fee, and that depends on the type of ticket and the number of a person involved.
  3. If the ticket is rewarded, then you are not able to make such changes to the ticket. If the ticket is purchased with points, then you can do this, but for this, you need to contact the person.

Steps to change name on JetBlue ticket

  1. To change the name on ticket, first of all go to the official page of airline.
  2. You can open the manage booking option.
  3. Next, click on the “ticket or mention the PNR.”
  4. Further, you can see the change name option, where you can make changes and save it 
  5. You will be provided with a new ticket.

Now, you can see How do I change my name on Jet Blue? Just direct the steps and remember the points before confirming it



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