Difference between Wordpress.com & Wordpress.org

Wordpress –it is a free and open source content management system which works on PHP and MySQL , in order to work on WordPrees it has to be installed on the web server .It can be done in two different ways either a part of internet hosting service such as WordPress.com or it can be a computer running the software package such as WordPress.org .WordPress users install and use different themes .Theme allows the users to change the look and its function without making any change in the code or site content.

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org – in simple words it means who is actually hosting your website which can be described in the some of the following ways-

WordPress.com – is an online platform where website or blog can be created for free. It ensures that high quality is maintained, it also provides security for the website, maintenance, backup and software updates.

Hosted Platform– One host the blog for free and the space is limited to 3GB

Themes – One can use from 150 free available themes and 200+premium themes which are available.

Built in plugins – there are some default plugins to be used however one can install any other.

WordPress.org -it is here the individual finds free software that can downloaded and later installed on any web to create the website , indeed it is a self hosted platform hence the security of the website , maintenance, backup and other aspects all are individuals responsibility ,although it is free even then some money has to spend on hosting.

Self Hosted –One has to find the company and even pay for the hosting and the space also depends on that.

Themes- one can use any custom theme from WordPress.org theme repository , there are more than 4000 free or can also choose from any third party WP theme provider,

Built in plugins – one has the option to install any plug needed for the website.

As per the need one can pick up any from the above so that the same can be meet.WordPress.org means more responsibility and even more flexibility.

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