American Airlines Refund Policy

What is American Airlines Refund Policy

American airline is the major American airline and is also the world's topmost airlines. This airline has received several awards for delivering outstanding performance in the airline service as well as in satisfying the passengers. American airline is an airline that it is a very tough competition to other airlines in the aviation world. So, if any of the passengers are travelling with this airline then the journey in the sky above will be the most comfortable and memorable one.

Hence, in case of any emergency or any inquiry, the passengers are free to get in touch with customer support.

Simple Cancellation Policy of American Airlines!

There are times when the passenger is not able to board already booked flight due to some personal emergencies. And the officials of American airlines understand such a situation hence they have introduced a simple and easy American airlines refund policy for the passengers. And it is advised to check all the terms and conditions while cancelling the flight. Some of the important points are discussed below.

    • To start with, the passengers who have cancelled his flight within 24 hours of booking then he or she is eligible for a full refund.
    • In case, 24 hours have been crossed then he can still cancel the flight but will be asked to pay for the cancellation fees.
    • These cancellation fees vary on various factors like destination, the number of passenger cancellations, type of journey etc. And these cancellation fees start from $125.
    • To cancel the flight or to check the refund status, the passengers can tap on “Manage My Booking” option.
    • If all the conditions have been fulfilled and the passenger is eligible for a refund then he will be refunded the amount within 4-5 business days.

If the passenger has booked his flight tickets along with travel insurance then he can contact the insurance company to give him the compensation of the cancellation based on terms and conditions of the policy.

With the help of above information, the passengers can act accordingly while cancelling the American airline's flight. American Airlines also have a dedicated and separate team of customer service. This team is present to assist the passengers in need at any time. Due to which they are 24/7 active on the toll-free American airlines refund number and other platforms.

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