American Airlines Pet Policy

Does American Airlines Pet Policy is Pet Friendly- Explore it

American Airlines allows passengers to carry dogs and cats with them in their flight. Depending on the pet’s size, breed and requirements they can travel as a carry-on or be checked or can be transported with American Airlines Cargo. If you are planning to carry your pet then read about its pet policy given below.

American Airlines Pet Policy for Pets

  • There are a few restrictions on pets like the airline does not accept brachycephalic dogs or cats of any “mix” as checked pets.
  • If a pet is traveling within the U.S. and Puerto Rico then it needs to be at least 8 weeks old. If traveling into the U.S. then it needs to be 16 weeks old.
  • Pet can be carried on flight only up to 11 hours and 30 minutes.
  • They can also be carried on flights to/from within the 48 contiguous United States and worldwide.

Rules for Carry-on pets for American Airlines

  • American airlines pet policy allows passengers to bring 1 kennel as carry-on bag on flight after they have paid the charge for carry-on pet and if the pet stays inside the kennel and under the passenger’s seat in entire flight.
  • The Pet should be able to stand, turn and lie inside the kennel.
  • The Non-collapsible kennels cannot exceed the dimensions specified for kennel.
  • The Soft-sided collapsible kennels can be slightly larger but should still fit under the seat.
  • The kennel needs to be secure, padded, made of water-repellant material and contain nylon mesh ventilation on 2 or more sides.
  • The airlines accept only 7 kennels on American flights, excluding service animals and 5 kennels on American Eagle flights and 1 in First or Business.
  • The weight of the carrier and pet together should not exceed 20lbs

Rules for checked pets in American Airlines

  • American airlines pet policy allows Passengers to carry 2 checked pets with them if they meet the age and health requirements of their destination.
  • Passenger need to submit a health certificate by a by a vet within 10 days of travel, 60 days of return (if travelling on the same ticket) and 10 days of return (if travelling on a separate ticket).
  • The kennel needs to be large enough for pet to stand, turn, sit and lie.
  • It should be made of wood, metal similar materials and have a door so it stays rigid and the animal cannot escape.
  • The kennel should have ventilation on at least 3 sides for domestic travel and 4 sides for international travel.
  • The kennel should have separate food and watering dishes and a bag of food for a 24-hour period attached.
  • If there are 2 pets in same kennel, then the pet needs to be of same species, similar size and weigh less than 20 lbs each. They should also be between 8 weeks and 6 months old.

American Airlines Pet Policy Fees

  • Passenger can pay the pet charge at the airport or at a travel center with cash, credit card or any voucher.
  • The charge for checked pet is $200 for each kennel and $150 for to/from Brazil.
  • The charge for carry-on pet is $125 per kennel.

To know more about the American airlines pet policy you can contact the customer center of the airline.

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