Change user name of Google Account

What are the steps to change User Name of Google account?

We use Google account for several purposes and all with the help of the single user account. Google or Gmail in today’s time is one of the major email platforms for the accessing emails and other internet related work. But apart from basic online activities, Google also provides with basic changes that you can make in your account. Now a lot of people prefer changing their passwords because of the security reasons likewise, you can also change your email id or the username. So if you want to change user name on Google account, here are the few steps.

Steps to change the username of the Google account

    • To change the username of the Google account, visit the official website of the Google on any web browser
    • Now click on the sign in page and enter the official username followed by the password and log in.
    • Now on your account, look for the settings option of your device
    • Next tap on Google followed by manage your Google account
    • Choose personal information and below your profile click on ‘name’ followed by Edit option.
    • Now Google will ask you to log in the page
    • Enter your name and click on done option and you are done.

And that’s how you can change name on the Google account. But while changing name there are few things to keep in mind that are helpful while setting a password. Here are the few tips.

Things to keep in mind while changing the username

      • If the first username you set is not appropriate then you can change it. But remember that you cannot change the name more than thrice in a single minute
      • But if your account is new then this rule does not apply
      • Also if you want to view who can see this information, visit the security settings.

And that’s how you can easily change user name on Google account. And if in case you have any doubt or not able to change the username then contact the customer support team of Google.

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