My Internet not Working but Connected

What should I do if my internet not working but connected

High frequency internet is a bliss! And in this world of technology and innovation, somehow, people have to face slow internet connectivity or any kind of internet issue, then, it would be a curse to live on this planet. Indeed, it is an unbearable pain to have slow internet and it gets worse when device is connected to the internet but it is not working. This would be a tormented torn apart kind of situation for the user who is facing this glitch. Besides, if users are facing the same issue, then, before telling anything, would suggest keep patience and read this blog.

In this blog, people would unfold some basic tricks that would help to rectify the 'my internet not working but connected' issue. People would get some instructions to follow and all need is to follow the steps as mentioned here. So without wasting precious time, let's wrench the internet issue off right away.

Simple steps to resolve internet not working issue

    • At first, people should check whether or not device is connected to the internet network.
    • Also, people should check if the WiFi network is properly working or not, as it has been observed sometimes that the wifi connection creates an issue.
    • And people see the issue of my internet not working but connected.
    • People also require to turn on the ‘Airplane Mode’ and wait for around 30 seconds. Now, you should check whether or not the internet is working.
    • If the internet issue still persists, should shut down the device and restart it again. In this way, people would not see any problem with the internet.

Get the instant solution for the internet not working issue

If all the above steps won't help and they are still facing the problem, in that case, they should not waste extra time in performing the steps and immediately contact the internet support team to get a reliable solution to fix my internet not working but connected issue. Also, they can get help from the tech experts at any time as they work around the clock.

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