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If you are facing an issue with your computer or laptop which is not turning on at all, when you try to start it up, you can fix the problem yourself but you need to know what exactly is wrong with the computer before fixing so that you can get it fixed in one go without wasting your time.

The reason of the problem behind my computer is not starting might be:

    • The internal settings
    • Downloading new software/drivers
    • Connection problem
    • Hardware problem
    • Static charge in the processor of the computer

To fix the problem with the laptop or computer, you can follow any of the given method:

Method 1

      • Check the power supply it should be connected with the wall and the back of the computer properly
      • Turn the computer off and make sure all the connections are perfect
      • Wait for at least 10 second for the IC’s of the system to be discharged completely
      • Turn the computer on again and check if its working now

Method 2

        • Turn off the computer again
        • Reboot the computer after at least 2 minutes
        • If the computer is giving you the option for booting you need to choose the boot option
        • Then restart computer in safe mode
        • Uninstall if there is any new software in your computer in the safe mode that might have affected the functioning of the computer
        • Get into the BIOS try to check the root cause of the problem and set the FSV and v core down.
        • Remove and reinstall the components of the computer such as hard disk, ram, etc.
        • Connect all the wires properly and try to use it now

Method 3

          • Check the charger if its working fine and charging the battery of the laptop
          • Check the battery of the laptop if its fully drained you need to replace it
          • You can check battery and charger by using a spare battery and charger
          • Shut down the laptop completely and wait for couple of minutes
          • Disconnected the accessories that you have connected with the laptop
          • And then restart the laptop
          • Also verify if the problem is not with the display

If users are still not able to fix the my computer is not starting problem with the given methods or if they don’t want to do it themselves as they know, after doing this computer wont start up, they should visit the nearest computer repair shop for the same and the available technician in the repair shop will fix the problem with laptop or computer right away.

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