Is Wi-Fi free on Delta Airlines

Is Wi-Fi free on Delta Airlines ? Details Inside

Delta Airlines is the leading Airlines in the world and best known for in-flight features and one of such is the Wi-Fi. Most of the travelers raised a question “Is Wi-Fi free on Delta Airlines” and the answer is partially true. Delta offers free Wi-Fi for mobile messaging which enable the travelers to stay connected with the friends, and families.

However, if you want to explore the web world then it will cost you because of Delta charges for the same. Delta Airlines categorized the Wi-Fi services in the passes and the same is listed beneath.

What are the types of Wi-Fi passes of Delta Airlines

Day Pass

This pass is applicable for North America region and is valid for one more flight. The cost of the pass is only $16 and after getting the same, you will get unlimited Wi-Fi service.

Monthly Pass

If you are frequent flyer then you can choose this pass. The price of the same is only $49.95 and the benefits are outstanding.

Global Pass

This pass will give you access to enjoy the Wi-Fi feature of Delta Airlines anywhere in the world. The charge of the pass is only $28 and after getting the same, you can enjoy the unlimited Wi-Fi in your cabin seat.

How to access Delta Wi-Fi on the device

  • First turn your device in Airplane Mode and then toggle the Wi-Fi button in ON mode.
  • Navigate to the Delta network and after getting the same, connect it to your device.
  • Now, launch the browser and type “”

That’s it, now enjoy the web-world in the Delta flights and make your journey a delightful one.

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