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Firefox is the browser from Mozilla Foundation. This is an open source browser and with all its features, it is the biggest competitor of Chrome. It is very much advanced, and gives a faster browsing experience.

  • It is open source, so very flexible with all the techies.
  • User can manage extensions, add-on and themes
  • A far better management of the tabs opened
  • Highly secure. 48 times per day the security settings are done for anti phishing , anti malware and pop up blocker to prevent harmful web sites invading the system.
  • Most importantly is mozilla firefox compatible with Windows 10, Linux and Mac too.

Whenever user installs Windows 10 or upgrade his system to Windows 10, the default browser is Microsoft Edge. This is recently launched by Microsoft in place of Internet Explorer. So if user wish to change it to Mozilla Firefox, he can go though following steps :

  1. Download and install Firefox from the Mozilla web site.
  2. When user will launch Firefox for the first time, he will asked weather to make it as the default browser or not
  3. Click Yes.
  4. Settings page will be opened. Scroll down to web browser entry.
  5. Click on Microsoft Edge. This will open the list of available browser. Select Firefox from them.
  6. Save the settings.

Now Firefox is the default browser. The question arises, is mozilla firefox compatible with windows 10? The answer is absolutely yes ! With all its features, it is far better to use Firefox as the default browser. Some times user may find the issues while working with Firefox on Windows 10. Few common issues are :

  • Firefox suddenly freezing
  • it is slower
  • it is showing a compatibility error
  • Not supporting antivirus
  • any other.

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