Iphone not working after Screen Replacement

Solutions for Iphone not working after Screen Replacement

If your iPhone screen is damaged yes it is right that you can get it replaced through Apple store if done correctly you might face some issues with the same –

  • If there is a issue with touch of the screen it could be that there is some problem in the functioning as well before you check it for the same make sure that you have stored the data on some device make and clear everything from the phone in other words make it as good as a new one if the concern goes then it probably because of the software problem however if the concern is still there then you have to get if refixed again.
  • If you see Error -53 after screen replacement – in this case changing the charging cable is the first and the foremost thing and see If it is helping you otherwise also check if the charging port is also working clean the same if the issue is still there fingerprint scanner cable is not working you might have to get in touch with the authorized service centre or you can try the following steps as well before you take it to authorized centre if incase it starts working –
  • Take off the bottom screws.
  • Uplift the screen makes sure you do not take this completely off.
  • Remove the thing that connects the two the battery and the mother board.
  • Take off the battery.
  • Turn off the phone incase if it is still on by pressing the top button.
  • Reconnect the battery.
  • Now try to connect the two the battery and the mother board.
  • Turn on the phone and also see if the touch screen is working properly

Now if should work after the screen replacement if not take it back to the authorized dealer or try to do it again if you did it at your end or if you are unable to fix iphone not working after screen replacement issues best to get help from Iphone support center.

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