How to transfer Linux Hosting to Windows Hosting on GoDaddy

How to transfer Linux hosting to Windows Hosting on GoDaddy with ease

Go daddy is an American publicity known as trade internet domain registry that helps in creating the web hosting company. It is quite easy to install and use on various devices like Windows and Linux devices. GoDaddy is the best platform for the web hosting and most of the users are getting much more benefits to use this kind of the technology to upgrade windows OS and you need to manage web hosting file from the website.

As per the tech support team, you have several options to transfer the Linux hosting to Windows Hosting on GoDaddy easily. The entire process will take at least few hours and remember the process for each and every step easily. Have a look at the procedure listed down.

I had also tried to do that and did not get a single error while completing the task buy meanwhile an error occurred with me and I contacted with top class techies who provided me valuable guidance.

Below steps are showing a list of the steps on how to transfer Linux hosting to windows hosting on GoDaddy.

    • First of all, launch an internet browser and go to the website and check out the downtime procedure to perform the task easily.
    • If you are having a developer, you can get the help with this sort of the things that may be the best options.
    • Go to the complex site like ecommerce site and go to the database-driven where you need to make changes to your database connections string that gives permission to transfer the Linux host to the Windows host in a simple ways.
    • Go to the website of Go Daddy account and click the web hosting services.
    • Now click on the options next to go to the account that you want to customize.
    • Go to the plan menu button and select a new hosting plan to perform the task.
    • Click the save change button option

Having done the task you can press finish button at the end of the procedure.

In this process you have to manage the services with the same amount that you have determined for the Linux in the previously. Ultimately, after completing the task you can go for the appropriate procedure on the site that must be done with the correct troubleshooting task and select the new version of the web hosting file easily and get best ansers for transfer linux hosting to windows hosting on godaddy.

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