How to make and record voice call on Google

How The Users Could Make A Voice Call Through Gmail And Record That

Gmail is the specific mail application that helps the users in performing the quality work. Through this the users could do all the essential tasks that needs to be done urgently. Number of users are currently accessing it and even it has been forecast that the Gmail account users would keep on increasing. This has become possible because Gmail is the only mail application that keep on adding the extra features at certain time interval due to which it got updated. Even after all such positive points the account of Gmail got effected through the technical bugs. To solve such there is presence of the customer care team that works through day and night to come up with unique solutions.

There are number of issues that has been solved through the assistance of the customer care team in which the users could see the solutions for some of them:

How to make voice call on Gmai?

First the users need to open Hangouts through or with the help of Gmail.

From there users need to choose the Call tab .

  1. Users should now enter the phone number or name in the search box. For the situations if the users are doing an international call, there is need to choose the country code through clicking over the flag drop-down menu or through typing it into the search box .
  2. Along with that users need to choose the phone number or person's name to them they wants to call.
  3. For the situations if the users are calling a phone number that has an extension, individuals are required to enter the extension through choosing the “Dialpad”

For the situations if the users are doing the Hangouts conversation to someone, it could be done right away.

p>Through the top of the Hangouts conversation window, users need to choose the Call option.


While ending a call, users are required to close the Hangout window, or should choose the option for” End call”

How to record call on Google voice?

First the users need to add the call recording option.For doing that users need to follow the below given guidelines:

  1. Through the computer, users need to open “Google Voice”
  2. From the top right of the page, users need to choose the Settings and click over it.
  3. It is now need to open the "Calls" tab.
  4. Users may now check the box next to the "Call Options."
To record a call users need to with the following procedure that has been given above:

Users could record a call which they receive from the Google Voice number.

Currently it is not possible to record outbound calls made through the Google number, or even the calls that has been made and received through the Hangouts app.

  1. Users first need to answer the incoming call from the Google Voice number.
  2. For starting the recording, users are required to press 4 at any time through the call. People who would participate in the call will hear an announcement that the recording has been started
  3. For stopping the recording, users are required to press 4 at any time throughout the call.
  4. Through hanging up the call the recording would be end

For the further problems if the users would not be satisfy through the solution of the above problem and even wants assistance with some other Gmail issues, then it is important for them to contact the technical team.

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