How to Make Mozilla Firefox my default Browser in Windows 10

If you are planning to upgrade yourself in Windows 10, you should know that the web browser takes Microsoft Edge as its default web browser. In order to make the Firefox browser as your default web browser, you will need to deactivate the Edge browser. The overall is a complex process which requires proper technical knowledge. Follow us to know what you are supposed to do for upgrading your web browser.

  1. Launch Firefox browser
  2. Go to the Menu button and choose Options
  3. Once you do it, you need to move into the General pane now
  4. Click on Make Default
  5. It will launch the Windows Settings application
  6. Choose default apps screen will also appear
  7. Scroll your mouse downwards
  8. Click the entry under Web browser
  9. You will be given two options: Microsoft Edge or Choose your default browser
  10. Obviously, you are supposed to select the second option
  11. Here you will get the chance to set Firefox as your default browser
  12. Close the window once the Firefox is listed as your default browser
  13. All the changes will be saved automatically

This is no doubt a great way to set the Firefox browser as your default browser, but one more way is likely to be mentioned here, by us. The answer to your question how to make Mozilla my default browser lies in the mastery of Mozilla Firefox support. It is not only a user-friendly club but also an incredible option to get supported. Here you will be supported and assisted by highly skilled troubleshooting experts with cent percent professionalism. Even it will be ready to help you against any allied or additional issue.

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