How to make Microsoft account more secure with two-step verification

Get details to make your Microsoft account more secure with two-step verification!!

Two step verification of Microsoft account or any other email account is really important as it makes the account more secure and makes it more protected from any harmful threats or hackers. With the use of two step verification, nobody can sign in to the user's account without their permission as for when the two step verification is enabled then people requires security information with the password.

By enabling the two step verification process the user's will get a code on their registered email or on their phone number whenever their Microsoft account gets signed in. so, with this the user will know about when and where their account is being accessed.

Therefore, for enabling two step verification process user's many times looks for the question namely How to make your Microsoft account more secure with two-step verification on the internet for which they require the best solutions. So, for doing this the below mentioned steps needs to be followed :

    • First of all the user is supposed to visit the security basics page of MIcrosoft.
    • After this the user is required to sign in to their account with the username and password.
    • From there the user is needed to click on more security options and should then select the two step verification menu.
    • Then select on set up two step verification so as to enable it.
    • After that the user needs to follow the onscreen instructions for further processing.

Hence, with these steps the user's will easily be able to enable and disable the two step verification according to their preference. While the user's are following these steps they need to be careful so that they don’t get stuck in any issue and face problems in accessing their Microsoft email account.

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