How to install Mcafee Antivirus using Product Key

Complete guide or tutorial on How to install Mcafee Antivirus using Product Key.


Designed and maintained by Intel Security, McAfee VirusScan is an antivirus usually intended for home and home- office users. Inspired by the potential of working together, McAfee is world’s leading cyber security companies aimed at making the world much safer and secure place. They are experts in helping businesses where security lacks and the chances of threats take place, by providing them with the solution that works perfectly with products of other companies. McAfee is also specialized in protecting digital lifestyle of billions of people at home or away. McAfee joined its hand with other security players to fight against all cybercrimes for the benefit of one and all. They are committed for removing virus or you can get all your money back in case if you are not satisfied.


After reading about McAfee you might wish to install it. You will also learn how to install McAfee antivirus using product key but for that you first need to learn how to install McAfee antivirus. But before installing this software you always need to remember certain things in mind like a) ensuring your windows is up-to-date b) download and run the McAfee Pre- Install Tool to avoid any further complications. Now you may proceed with the steps for installation of software:

  1. Open your web browser and type in there
  2. Select my account and if you are a new user you first need to register yourself by selecting the option Register now under the option are you a new user?
  3. After registering go to the section of Log In to McAfee, and jot down your valid email address along with the password that you used to previously to register. Then hit Log In.
  4. Choose the suitable McAfee software as per your need from the drop- down menu.
  5. From here you can choose your device type in the drop- down menu and hit the option Download.
  6. You might also select additional protection products and activate it later including product key.
  7. Thoroughly go through the License Agreement and install McAfee antivirus software. If a serial number appears and pop up on your screen jot it down somewhere because you might need it later. Keep in mind not to close the browser as it might ask you for the serial number.
  8. Follow the instructions and install McAfee antivirus software.

In case of activating your product key, mentioned in step 6, follow the steps in order to learn how to install McAfee antivirus using product key:

  1. You first need to open the URL on the web browser provided on your retail card.
  2. From the drop- down menu choose your country and language. Make sure to provide the correct information and select the appropriate region and confirm your information before proceeding.
  3. From your retail card enter the registration number.
  4. Also enter your Email Id and hit on Submit button.
  5. Confirm your Email address once again and click on verify. You can easily edit your Email address in case of providing incorrect Email and then you can click on verify button.
  6. Then register yourself, in case of a new user, or simply Log in to your McAfee account. And this completes your activation process. Now you can easily activate your product key.

Please note that you can only use your product key once to register your application. If a screen pops up stating that you have already used this registration number, don’t panic and continue entering your registration number again. Hence, those you have already made into use this registration number won’t be able to access product key any longer. So install McAfee antivirus without any trouble because you know the trick.

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