How to import contacts into Gmail?

You can import all your contacts into your Gmail account by importing them in the for of .CSV file. There are some easy steps given below, which can helps you:

  • Step 1:- First of all, you have to be needed to create a CSV file from the Gmail. For this, you can use Microsoft excel or Google sheets to make list of contacts and then add your all contacts into the CSV file like name, email or phone number.
  • Step 2:- Now open the File menu and then choose Save option.
  • Step 3:- Now open your browser
  • Step 4:- After that, sign in to your Gmail account by entering your email ID and password.
  • Step 5:- Now click on the Import Contacts icon.
  • Step 6:- Now click on Choose File option.
  • Step 7:- After that, choose your .CSV file and click on the Open.
  • Step 8:- Now click on the Import option to complete the process.

How to delete contact from Gmail?

If you want to delete contacts from your Gmail account, then you can apply the following steps:

  • Step 1:- First of all, open Contacts on your Gmail.
  • Step 2:- Now click on the Gmail icon which is available at the left corner and then choose Contacts from the menu.
  • Step 3:- Now checked all the contacts which you want to deleted.
  • Step 4:- After that, click on the Delete option from the toolbar.
  • Step 5:- Now choose Delete Contacts option from the menu to complete the process.

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