How to Fix Computer not Working After Windows 10 Update

Basic troubleshooting to fix the issue of Windows 10 not working after update

Sometimes when you update your computer from time to time then maybe the device might stop working because of the new settings. Computer device not responding after updating your windows to 10th version is one of the most common issues people mostly face. However you can always fix this bug on your own without having to contact the customer care team. Tap below to find out about more.

Usually when people re-start their device after updating the windows, it does not respond well or does not even gets turned on. In case of any similar issue occurring because of computer not working after windows 10 update, you can quickly fix it with the help of the troubleshooting methods.

Clear up the space in the disc

Users dump all the unwanted files that they are not using currently into the different drives of the computer device. And if there is no enough space in the drives or disc, then computer might show problem to update the device. To update the device properly, you need maximum 16 GB of space hence clear the unwanted data accordingly.

Re-start the device to apply the update of the Windows

If you are applying the updates on device then once the update process is complete, try to restart the device. The newly updated settings on the windows might not work if you don’t reboot the device.

Re-update the device

If you are facing the issue of how to fix computer not working after windows 10 update, then you can check the update settings. And if you find something missing then update the computer once again.

Update the third party drive

In case you have added any hardware drive to your device then make sure to check the third party updates and read the installation instructions given on the hardware manufacturer box. If needed then run update on the drive again and see if it solves the issues that you are facing.

Check the device manager

In case you are facing more issues then go to the search bar and search for the device manager. Now select actions followed by uninstall or update depending upon the requirement.

Contact the customer care team

Suppose if you are still not able to fix the issue of how to fix computer not working after windows 10 update then you can contact the customer care team. The computer support technical team will fix all the issues you are facing due to the update settings.


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