500 Internal Server Error

What is the internal server error 500, and how can you fix it?

Have you confronted 500 internal server errors sometimes while you were trying to visit a website? Many people face this error now or then, and there is no role of the computer or the internet network in causing error 500. Because the internal server error 500 wholly depends on the server issue of the website you are trying to visit. But, if you don't have any idea of what is 500 internal server error, then you are in the right place to collect the most genuine knowledge about it.

What is the 500 internal server error?

500 Internal Server Error is a pretty common HTTP response code, which defines that something is wrong with the server of the website. However, this 500 server error doesn't clearly explain the exact problem. Moreover, you can see the 500 internal server error notification in several ways, as each website can customize their message to show the error.

How can you fix the 500 internal server error?

As you already know there is not any specific reason for the 500 internal server error to occur, in spite of the website server issue. But still, there are some things you can try on your side to resolve the issue, as it might be happening due to some problem from your end. Therefore a few solutions to troubleshoot the 500 internal server error are as demonstrated below.

Reload page

  • Try reloading the website showing the error message by pressing F5
  • If the server error is temporary it will be resolved by reloading the website

Clear cache

  • Clear the cache files of the browser you are using to open the website to resolve the error
  • If the cache version of the web page you are opening is causing HTTP error it can be solved by clearing the cache memory

Delete cookies

  • Go to the setting of the web browser you are using, and delete the cookies from advanced setting
  • Deleting cookies may help to fix the error, as it deletes the associated cookies of website causing problem
  • Restart the browser and try reloading the web page again

Trouble as error 504

  • You can also try fixing the error by troubleshooting it as the gateway timeout error 504
  • It can resolve the issue, as not very commonly, but sometime the server may show error 500 in place of error 504

Visit website later

  • If you have tried all the ways to fix this 500 internal server error from your side but still not working, then visit website sometime later

Moreover, you are suggested to contact the administrator of the website regarding the 500 internal server error,



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