How to earn Pokemon Points

The Easiest Way to Earn More Pokemon Points

Playing Pokemon Go is entirely a journey based game where you need to cross different levels of the game. Rewards will come as points when you participate in the Pokemon tournament or league. In order to earn more play points, you should join or set up a trainer club with an account along with a definite Pokemon player ID employing different preferences according to your compatibility. If you learn to more about how to earn Pokemon points, then study of Pokemon programs and participates in it. However, the step solution is provided below to make it easy for the players.

  • Register and log in to the Pokemon ID for the trainer club account.
  • Following to the previous step, click on the tab named as 'Edit Profile' and scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  • Select the option of participating in the Pokemon programs.

Play points are important here in order to uplift the player to the next level. In order to qualify for the next round or events like national championship, players are compared to others according to their earned points. It is applicable for the players who have only completed two events of the tournament at least. However, the byes are counted in those two rounds in total while the forced losses are not counted.

On this context, the trainers have to maximize their returns and chances on the actions to generate the XP. A list of ways are assembled here to help the gamers to earn more XP in Nintend's and Niantic's smash hit.

0-50 XP Awarded:

This amount of XP is based on the strength of the selected Pokemon.

10 XP Awarded:

In this reward, the curveball is awarded to the player for ability of rotating finger on the screen. Nice throw bonus is awarded also to payers in that XP point.

50 XP Awarded:

It comprises of great throw bonus and Pokestop interaction.

100 XP Awarded:

It comprises of excellent throw bonus and successful Pokemon capture.

200 XP Awarded:

It lies on the capacity to hatch the egg within 2 km.

500 XP Awarded:

It suggests hatching of egg within 5 km by evolving a Pokemon also by adding a new Pokemon to the Pokedex.

1000 XP Awarded:

This is achievable by hatching eggs within 10 km.

Aforementioned information is no doubt helpful for the players in order to earn more XP points to make them a clear winner.

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