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How to delete spam mails in Gmail

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Gmail is a great service for companies and individuals alike as it is a cheaper and a much faster form of communication. A lot of important communication is also conveyed by way of an email. However some people and companies also use it to send spam emails.

Spam emails are a form of junk emails. Often advertisements are sent by way of spam emails. Sometimes the spam emails appear to be commercial in nature but are in fact disguised to look that way and will lead to websites designed phishing or websites that host malwares. Such emails are named spam after the spam luncheon meat in a Mont Python Sketch. Spam has been depicted in the sketch as being repetitive, unavoidable and ubiquitous.

The spam mails legality has been questioned by many and therefore its legality differs in different regions. For example spam is considered to be legal by the CAN-SPAM act of 2003 in the United States of America. However the spam email has to follow the rules set down by Act and the Federal Trade Commission.

If you are receiving spam emails in your Google Inbox, you can filter such types of emails by selecting them and marking them as spam so that a filter in created. This filter will keep out any spam emails of the same type from entering your inbox again. It will be redirected and sent into your spam bin. The spam bin is automatically emptied and the emails are permanently deleted. If the emails aren’t automatically deleted, contact the Gmail customer service for resolution of your problem.

However if you wish to manually create the filter to delete the spam emails from the spam bin, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open the Gmail webpage and log-in into your account using your email ID and password.
  • Next open the settings page by selecting the gear icon located on the top right corner of the Inbox.
  • In the settings webpage, select the ‘filters’ tab and click on the option to create a new filter.
  • In the pop-up that visible there will be a “has the words” field. In it, input the text “is:spam” and create the filter with this term.
  • Click on Ok to see the next set of option that determines the action to be taken against spam email if it is detected.
  • Among the options, search for the one that deletes such spam emails and tick the box associated with it.
  • Apply this newly created filter to existing spam emails too by ensuring that the box for “apply filter to __ matching conversations” is checked.
  • Press the “create filter button.
  • Once the filter is created, it will automatically detect all the spa emails and delete them accordingly.

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