How to Delete Followers on Instagram

Most of the Instagram esteemed users have one common question that is regarding How to delete followers on Instagram. It is to be remembered that we like and love when someone with keen interest follows us on Instagram. Under certain conditions, situations and circumstances, we don't wish someone to follow us due to certain reasons. You might have bought Instagram followers or he or she might be a stalker. You may wish to remove him or her immediately from your page in a strict manner. It is to be highly noted that you can delete followers on Instagram with very simple steps. Here are the steps for blocking your followers or how to delete followers on Instagram :

  • Navigate successfully to your profile page
  • Then through tapping the far right icon perfectly on Instagram's main navigation bar
  • Tap on only "Followers" in order to see a list of each and everyone following you. This actually doesn't look easily accessible but it is.
  • Just tap on the follower successfully that you want to delete immediately.
  • Tap the arrow icon on the top right of the follower's profile screen, tap "Block User"
  • Then tap "Yes I'm Sure" in order to confirm you want to immediately block the user
  • Tap dismiss in order to finish the process with lot of perfection.

It is to be noted that you actually can't delete each and everyone from your followers list plus you really don't have direct access to their Instagram account so there's no way or alternative for you to successfully unfollow yourself. On the other hand, the one and only way in order to remove them from your proper followers list plus decrease your follower count in a successful manner is to immediately block people from following you.

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