How to create Gmail account for Kids

Comple guide to create a safe Gmail account for Kids

Gmail account is the official web mailing account created by the users in order to avail the free web mailing service provided by the company. So nowadays it is not meant only for the grown up ones instead creating a gmail account also helps the kids in better communication with the outer world. But when it comes to kids using some internet services then they are highly prone to get caught in the situation that could harm their safety. And hence it is the duty of the parents to create a safe gmail account for their kids.

So in case you are one among such parents, then you need to follow the steps written below very carefully:- to know How to create gmail account for kids

  • so to create an account you need to decide whether you wanna use the real name of the kid or not, like if you want your child to continue using this account when he becomes grown up then you need to use the real name itself
  • so start a new gmail account, now you need not to use their correct birthday or gender just for the purpose of safety, instead try to use some similar date
  • then you have to skip the step of creating a public google plus profile
  • you also need not to add any picture or any other information of your kid
  • after that you need to click on the settings under the gmail option
  • after that go for creating a filter, followed by adding an email address from the approved list of contacts
  • now you have to create the filter with this search as well as on to the next screen, followed by selecting the delete it option
  • and lastly you need to tap on the option of creating filter
  • some more points that need to be considered is that your kid does not share his or her email address to someone without asking you to do so
  • you can also add kids email account to your phone so that you can watch all the activities your kid is doing onto that account.
  • Like to whom your kid is writing and all could be watched

It is good that you allow your kids to get in touch with the technical services available to be used nowadays but it is always the duty of the parents to let their kids to land up to the safe place to use any of those services and to know about the process of how to create gmail account for kids or How to create gmail account for my child.

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