How to Change YouTube Channel Name

Gain Real Knowledge as to How to Change YouTube Channel Name through expert help

YouTube lets its users create a channel in which they can create anything to be seen by the users. There is also an option to change your channel name if you are willing to do so. Changing the name of your channel is necessary when you are set out to change the content of your channel or it could be any reason best known to you. But a majority of users do not know how to change YouTube channel name and are stressed due to this reason. If you are not aware of the process to change your channel’s name, then go through the steps below:-

  • First, you need to open your browser
  • After that, you are required to visit
  • Click on Sign in button lo cated at the right side of the page
  • Enter the email id as well as password
  • Click on the option Sign In
  • Now click on thumb image which is located at the right corner of your page
  • Click on the option Creator Studio
  • Next click on the link named “View Channel”
  • Now click on the Pencil Icon located near the name of your channel
  • After that choose Channel Settings with the help of the drop down menu
  • Next click Change
  • Now click on Edit on the button of Google Plus
  • Now you can change your YouTube channel name as per your requirements
  • Next click on Save and then you are done
  • Now you need to visit YouTube again and then to hit on refresh button
  • Now you will see that your channel name is changed

Know How to Change YouTube Channel Name through expert help

So, you can easily go for changing your YouTube channel name with the help of the valuable instructions mentioned above. Although these steps are really easy and anyone can apply these steps. However, not all are able to change their YouTube channel name through these instructions. At this crucial point, he can opt for YouTube tech support to get his channel name changed. It is really easy to choose these customer support officials as they are available round the clock for the users who are feeling disheartened due to this issue. Hence if you too are wiling to know the ways to know as to how to change YouTube channel name, then call the customer support professionals right away.

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