Change Westjet Flight Date

Learn the simple process to change Westjet flight date

In the current scenario, passengers are continuously facing or affected by the modification of their flight schedule change due to coronavirus pandemic. It left no option for the passengers other than to get refund or compensation of the flight booking. While this will definitely ruin your trip and mood to travel. But if you can wait for the next scheduled flight at any date and time, you can make request to change the flight by following these below mentioned steps.

Follow the simples steps to change Westjet flight Date

These are the simple and easy to stick steps to change the flight, so read each one of these steps very carefully to change the westjet flight in one go.

  • At the beginning of the process, go to the official website.
  • Next, you move to the manage booking option of the airlines website.
  • Following above, you will be asked to give the booking reference number.
  • Now you become able to retrieve the booking details of the journey.
  • Further, you have options of making changes, cancel the flight booking as per your convenience.
  • Now after making change for the flight, cross check your mail twice.
  • In the last initiate the payment process if any fare difference applied to get the confirmation mail.
  • Now you have completed successfully all the steps to change westjet flight.

Consider and adhere with the above mentioned steps of change Westjet flight date, if required you can call directly to the customer support team of the airlines to get the immediate feedback or response from the other side of the airlines. Apart from that, if you are willing to learn more in-depth about the process, you can visit personally to the airport for making change in the flight schedule.


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