How to block Pop Ups in Apple Safari

Step by Step methods for How to block Pop Ups in Apple Safari

Pop ups – are online advertisement, most of the times they annoy the user rather than being helpful. User can run the safari on Windows, Mac or Ios. Apple safari provides pop – up blocker for both windows as well as for Mac , lets us take the following steps to activate the same for How to block Pop Ups in Apple Safari .

Activate pop –up blocker for Mac –

  • Hit Safari from the option chose preferences.
  • Now a dialog box will come, hit the security tab.
  • Now the security preferences will be give options look for the option block up windows , if this shows along the dialog box which mean that it is already activated if not tick the same and hence it will block pop-ups on safari.

Activate pop –up blocker for Ios users-

  • On your device in settings search for Safari.
  • Now in your General Settings look for option Block pop –ups , one can activate the same by clicking on option On one has to purposely do this as it is always disabled hence for IOS users as well you will now be able to block pop-ups on safari

Activate pop up blocker for –

  • On your page click on Action menu.
  • It will now give you options and .one has to look for Block Pop up however to get the action done click the dialog box

Now to ensure that .block pop- ups on Safari is auctioning properly –

  • One must make sure that their devises are updated with the latest version ie the software must be updated.
  • Also ensure that your Mac should not have adware, if yes then update the most recent version of OS X EI Capitan.
  • One can also close the pop –up by clicking on the pop –up, however all these steps will certainly help you to block Pop –up on Safari and will work properly for How to block Pop Ups in Apple Safari issues.

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